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  1. well macromedia fireworks usually works great. and taht water...it looks like a 3d prog coulda done it. the old bryce 3d? lol
  2. if you get macworld magazine, look in the back at all the advertisements. if you dont, PM me andill find you one. edit: actually, try these guys http://www.cwonline.co.uk/
  3. btw, in stepford wives, they had a TV remote they were using to control the robots that is a real TV remote. its cool...its a touchpad that fades out when you dont use it and lights up when you do. its like something out of star trek.
  4. where was he from? ive heard of such thigns happening in dallas every so often
  5. well if yall could read english a bit better, i told the kid to go read the tutorial that explains everything he wants to know at osx-e.com about maccing up firefox...and btw he can take parts of the tutorial that talk about the address bar. he can USE the tutorial to his advantage. i cant believe i have to explain myself to you people
  6. well i literally could not find my original thread. i thought it just disappeared. so THATS why i reposted EDIT: thanks for helping me out guys. this is a great push for me to want to release all the artwork ive done. especially timan. thanks for NEVER PMING me back ONCE, even when ive PMed you earlier about issues i needed resolved. when i literally lose my thread and post one here because it DOES belong here, what do you do? warn me! and the you say im offtopic. read most of my threads. im pretty darn on topic if you ask me. i help ppl out if i can. so tahnks timan for taking t
  7. ive seen one on the show CSI. well they are reliable...and most in my movie collection are the gladiator type or like snatch or something. computers? bah
  8. then again, it is the national enquirer. i hope you all are joking!!!! its probably fake.
  9. i love my notebook. 75 W of wholesome goodness...of course i leave it on. its a desktop replacement type notebook. neways, you have to enable hibernation, i think in the system control panel
  10. can neone help? PM me if you can. just 5 MB is all i ask.
  11. A-S constantly evolves and we have to evolve along with it. heck, america used to be a place where all the people that were shunned by their countries (or didnt like it) wanted to go (besides, of course, entrepreneurs...dont get technical with me!). my point is, america doesnt have slavery nemore. it evolved for the better. so we should too! im noticing that MANY people (myself in cluded) use this website to mod their computer. not to make it a mac, but to mod it. of course, the essence of maccing it up is still there. there are tons of people that want it done. simply put, while we c
  12. :pride: why is the flag on the pride smilie not a US flag? oh right, int'l website....w/e. neways, HAPPY 4th! and i wont be doing fireworks. illegal in my county cuz its a city and that can go wrong when you have drunks shootin off fireworks at the neighbors. (wasnt me) neways, ill be watching em though! you guys in other countries should watch the fireworks if they come on tv. do they? (jw) ------------------------ Removed your set of offensive smilies since you didnt fulfill my request. Remember this is an international board, not a little town in texas. Racismn will
  13. i hate that show!!!!! no offense or anything. the humor in it aint right though...just aint funny to me. eh, family guy is perfect. and so is futurama, but ive already seen all them. btw, did you hear that family guy is going to be back on the air (new ones)?
  14. sarcasm? gosh. this is the general discussion thread. and its a serious issue for me right now....since it takes up a LOT of hours in the day to get everything just right and tweak windows the way i want it done. as for my computer, the mouse is crapped out. thanks for caring, guys!
  15. well its that time again. i just formatted (not the quick NTFS...the slow) and reinstalled windows. reinstalled office. and norton. and adaware (grr...why did i buy that!) and spybot S&D (and adaware and spybot DO work together, contrary to whatp eople say. you just have to do the settings right.) and AIM and winamp. its the family computer so im not gonna mac it up. well i could, and i could thoroughly confuse them haha. neways, this takes a bit of time, and so im going to be signed off for awhile. some of you can breathe a sigh of relief to this, and that is why i am posting s
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