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  1. Thank you for your help, i was just on my way back here to make a reply saying i figured it out. But thanks for the quick reply. By the way, besides those apps you recommended on the first page of this topic, are there any other great apps you can recommend? Those first ones were a lifesaver! Before I saw your recommendation of Acquisition I was using Limewire and it SUCKED. Anyways, thanks again. later. Fletch
  2. Hey Taha (or anyone else that knows the answer)...I have a problem. I just got my iBook and I am still learning my way around it. I got some new mail icons and I changed the default Mail program icon. But now I want to get the old one back. Is there a way to just change it back or do I need to find the default icon again and just replace it again? If I just need to replace the icon, then do you have the icon that you could give me? I can't find the default one anywhere. Thanks. Later. Fletch
  3. Hey, I love this skin...finally iChat has come to Windows. It sounds like it is working fine for everyone...but I am having some issues. Here is what mine looks like: Is it because I am not using Trillian Pro? I bet it is. Any moderators can delete this post. My stupidity. Anyone know what my problem is? Any help is appreciated. Later. Fletch
  4. Scroll down for link... http://aquaxp.com/forum/index.php?act=ST&f...4&t=1370&st=120 Later, Fletch
  5. Hey guys, on AquaXP... JonnyBravo made this awesome skin called iDownload. Well I decided to change around a little of the icons. New things include the big 54x54 icons at the top right and then I added the blue glow for when you are over the icon with the cursor. Hope you like. Here is my version: I'm not done yet, but when I get done I will either release it myself (with permission) or else just send the files to JonnyBravo. Either way, look out for it and give me some ideas if you have any. Later. Fletch
  6. Hey Dark Vegeta, what icons are those in your dock? If possible could you give me a link or download? Thank you. Later. Fletch
  7. Somebody needs to use these great buttons in a theme. I don't really have the experience...but someone should really use these. They are BEAUTIFUL! Later. Fletch
  8. Hey guys, just wondering if any of you were able to find that wallpaper from the first page of this post with the water. I went to the page but couldnt find it. If someone has it please PM me or IM me as boilerfletch on AIM or email me [email protected] REALLY WANT THAT WALLPAPER!!! Thanks. Later. Fletch
  9. Hey guys, easy on Mr. Aqua. If you took the time to read, you would see that you can change the toolbar. You have to edit the toolbar file in the folder. It just takes some time. He is doing a great job. Keep up the good work Mr. Aqua. Later. Fletch
  10. There used to be a guy here named brochaos...with a michigan logo and he goes to Purdue and I know him, but he isnt really around anymore. Later. Fletch P.S. Hes the one who introduced me to this place.
  11. Hey guys, i love this dock. As for the blurry issue...because its a "feature" why dont we just make a button in the control panel to turn it on and off, that way everyone can have what they want? Just a thought. Great work Moby! Later. Fletch
  12. For the mail accounts, how would I go about adding Hotmail...? Anyone know what to put for the server? Thanks later. Fletch
  13. I have kinda gone away from using OD so probably not, but anyone that wants to can feel free, just make sure to give me credit for the actual dock....Sorry. Later. Fletch
  14. Hey guys, its me again. I know you all could probably do it yourselfs, but I went ahead and added some shadows to my Perfect Jaguar background. They are just on the sides because it looks weird on the top. Here is a screenshot: Hope ya like it. Download Fletch
  15. I took mine from a Mac address book and then in photoshop changed some stuff around....Later Fletch
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