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  1. It is a nice wall paper. A garden that is plenty of trees is good. How I wish I can stay in that place and relax my tired mind and body. Where did you get that?
  2. In my own opinion, HTML is good. I believe that the message will count if you are creating a web page. The message can be in a form of words, images or other elements. I just want to ask on how to create a good HTML? Thanks.
  3. I have seen your website, and it looks good except that I was not able to understand some of the words posted in it. I bet it is written in Korean or Chinese language?
  4. Hello guys, I want to create a photo montage. This will be my first time. I have some questions. I want to scan my pictures, and I want the images to look good. Do you recommend any specific scanners?
  5. These are the funny things about Michael Jackson. How did you get these jokes? Did you make a research on this, or you just make?
  6. I haven't tried to listen to some online radio, since I have a radio in my mobile phone. Can I ask what is the name of the site that has the you used to listen to?
  7. Gray (also spelled as grey) refers to a neutral color. I am used to spell it as gray because that is the spelling that was taught to us during the prep school. How will you spell the word "gray"?
  8. My cousin has a PSP and sony digital camera. She always carries it with her because she loves to take pictures. Gadgets are cool. However, we must take care of it in order to prolong its life. Right?
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