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  1. Ookaaay, Good news or bad news, I don't know, but I've thinking a lot about the application windows support and I decided that: The original task switcher (in Panther) does not shows the windows just only the applications. If you want to switch between the windows you have to use the Dock. So, I do not support in Switcher 2 the multiwindowed applications. Switcher 2 shows only the applications, and you should use ObjectDock for switching between the windows. This was the bad news. the good news is that, Switcher 2 is now finished. It is in testing phase by ME in the next week. I'd like to fin
  2. Hi everybody, So... hm.. I'm sorry to say, but Switcher 2 is not finished yet, but it is in the last-minute-phase. As I sad some month ago, Switcher 2 will be skinable application for your appetite. Now, for news, here is the link to the Skinner Guide for Switcher 2: SkinMe - Skin Switcher Have a nice weekend, --|FeAt|--
  3. Hi boyz and girlz, I was here for a long-long time ago.. :-) (3 month ago I bougth a Mac and I'm enjoing my Panther now... ) So, I solved a lot o' problem in Switcher 2 developing and the pre-test version coming soon. May be within a 2 or 3 weeks. It will be skinable, customizable. It is faster and smaller than ever. Have-a-nice AquaDay
  4. Hi Friends, Interesting discussions are there upper... But I have to say NO. No, I don't use DirectX in Switcher 2 but I use GDI+ and layered windows. Mea culpa. I'm a little bit overloaded in my work and in my prive life. Pleas be patience, i never give up to finish Switcher 2 but I do not have TIME. :-( ...from my garage: Switcher 2 is in the pre-pre finished state. But microsoft shows me their ass... :moon: I'm suckin' with my keyboard hander routine. The routine what was working in the previous version of Switcher doesn't work now. :rant: ...and I do not know why... I'm sad.
  5. Hi, As you know I write Switcher in my free time and in this month (February) I worked a lot on abroad without my developer computer. :-( ...and in this time the developing of Switcer was paused. But now it'll continue... I'm at home. Switcher 2 coming soon... :rock:
  6. Hiya boyz, gimme a little more time, I slide on my timetable... :woot: I have a lot of work now...
  7. Hi, If you find any sollution please email me 'cause I have this problem too, my language use this letters too with accent. :who's your daddy:
  8. me too: Linke please, linke please.. :banging:
  9. to TwiceBlessed: OK, your No 3. (Shift+Alt+Tab) will implemented I think that is not question, but I think the No 6. is a little bit ununderstable for the user at the first some usage >.< , because the user con not understand why and when stays Switcher on the screen. No 1. is interesting, I'll thinking about it, but not in this time. :shy: This is a typical feature request and I think it is not part of the main features. ...otherwise I think too, it is an interesting feature and in the future release I'll implementing it.
  10. Okay. Here it is some news from the new design state of Switcer: Switcher 2 features: - Reduced memory usage I redesigned the memory handling of Switcher and this causes that I'll keep Switcher under the 10MB dream-limit... ...maybe. - Skinable I created skin engine for Switcer to handle PNG images it's skin. So, the background and the "highlighted" item's background is skinable from now. This feature solves your smoothing problem at the corners. - Correct font support Switcher can use TrueType fonts and Type1 fonts from the new release. This means
  11. to IngeneerMind: I think you wrote the full file name into the applicationsList.ini file Write ONLY the EXE's name without any path information: Adobe Photoshop;Photoshop.exe;PS7.png ...and the end of a file in the [Exclusion] section too: [Exclusion] ObjectBar.exe ObjectDock.exe I hope it`s help for you to customize your Switcher. P.S.: If you try to use image file in applicationsList.ini what is NOT in your \Images folder... Switcher will freeze like as you saw.
  12. Hi boys, Please be patience, for the next two week. I'm working on a new generation of Switcher. I think I'll finish this at the first week of February. Have a nice Aqua-day
  13. to AndreasV: Thank you for your work. I need that routine (PFB drawer) please povide it to me by email. Thanks a lot again. P.S: If it's possible write it in C# :shy: but if it'll be in C++... no problem to me to rewrite it into C# :juggle:
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