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  1. Yeah, I also have that same problem. I can live with it.
  2. Executer: I think Windows Update is cleverer than that. Before I installed the Stefanka files, I was up to date and afterwards WU thought I had needed the latest IE security patch. So I think it must compare file versions.
  3. For anyone concerned about not being able to install security patches after installing Stefankas files, I reckon I have a solution using batchmod - it should let you stay up to date with ms patches and keep the great look and feel that Stefanka has given us. Forum Page I have made a couple of posts on that page - they should clear it up.
  4. Well I can confirm that my plan did work. I now have Stefanka's look and feel completely intact with the latest MS security patches installed. Basically you need to do this: 1. Start with a windows sp1 installation! 2. Install Stefankas files. 3. When the next windows update is available, install it. 4. Install batchmod and put stefanka files in _SOURCE (and follow all other batchmod instructions.) 5. Run batchmod. You will now have an up to date windows system with all the Stefanka resources. Security patches will not change dialog sizes (hopefully), so you get all those too. The next tim
  5. Are you sure schaggo? What I would imagine is this. At the moment my system is up to date bar one ie security patch and running the Stefanka files. When I install the security update I then have an up to date system but some icon and bitmap resources have been replaced. As far as I can see (for this security patch at least) the dialog sizes have not changed from the Stefanka originals. Now when I then run batchmod for the first time it will take my files in system32 (which are up to date) and extract the resources from them to the _IN folder. I will then use Stefankas resources in the _S
  6. OK, forgive me is this is long and waffling, but I really like the idea of this program when it comes to windows modding. I am currently using Stefankas modified English files that make my PC look rather Mac like. What I would really like to be able to do is to still use windows update and keep my PC looking nice. The Stefanka mod replaces dialog resources as well as the resource types supported by Batchmod. What I was thinking is that I will keep my system as is with the Stefanka files in system32 and put a copy of the same Stenfanka files in the _SOURCE folder. Then when I do a windows
  7. It works fine for Pro. The windows update problem will happen on both home and pro, since the updates download new versions of some of the system files. You cant use windows update and expect the look to remain the same as Stefanka intended.
  8. First off, I would like to say that this is amazing work and looks fantastic. My only concern about it is that whenever a security update is released for windows, downloading replaces certain files and messes the look up. Is there any solution to this - (ie do you intend to release regular patches ) or will I just have to live with it. As it stands Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB832894) already replaces a number of files and causes the downloading pink graphic as detailed earlier in this topic. Thanks again for the great work.
  9. The messenger docklet is made by someone called Oaktree and can probably be found at this address (for ObjectDock). Search for Messenger in ObjectDock section of Wincustomize
  10. Yeah, thats great work! I could use the messenger docklet for object dock being converted to YzDock - actually I could do this myself if I had the source code for it. Jonathan
  11. Sorry to hear about your problems.... best of luck with the exams and with the site. In the meantime, does anyone have a copy of the taskbar docklet for YzDock? If anyone could post it here I would really appreciate it - I would like to start using YzDock and I think a taskbar is about all I am missing. Thanks Jonathan
  12. Is DockEx down for good is it just temporary?
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