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  1. Looking sharp there buddy! Keep up the excellent work.
  2. Yeah that would be rice HAHA, I never got into imports, except for bikes! Still nice wallpapers 'One of my cars is in my sig.
  3. ~visua has a nice vector collection, he is on my watch list at dievantart. Nice use of his car vectors, btw !
  4. Dang, nothing but rice rockets, I need to put together some domestic vectors. Kool wallpapers, very nice stuff. Good find, to bad its rice though.
  5. I took the files down, I'm redoing my server and stuff. Anything I've hosted off my personal space will be 404 for awhile. And thats alot of stuff. But its at deviantart: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13007034/
  6. I dunno how optitmistic I'd be considering what happened to all the zepplins... Call wall paper.
  7. Actually I made it to fit my 17 inch HD screen on my laptop. Its a wide screen. I too see the face in the cloud, it wasn't intentionally done. But when I got finished I saw it. Which is double cool I guess. Also, I updated the image and removed the line and words Torn Apart.
  8. Ya know, thats not the first website I've had redirected to microsoft.com today. WTF to that. BTW, sorry for being off topic. That was an excellent find, thanks for the post.
  9. Very nice and intelligent I like the wallpapers.
  10. Didn't you post this in the icon forum as well? This isn't really any good if you aren't using that software. This seems more like a random spaming/advitsing than it does anything useful.
  11. Thats nice, if I was using that software. But I'm not, so what purpose does it serve?
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