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  1. I have... Opened up a number a of galleries and clicked the piclens button, and get the same message every time.
  2. I get 'the current page is not currently Cooliris enabled' when trying to view a Piclens feed. Alot of the pictures don't seem to be in a desktop resolution - at least in the fantasy section I looked in.
  3. It works... if you have a US Xbox Live account. It says "The prepaid or promotional code you provided is not valid for your region" for my UK account
  4. Yeah it did mention something to do with Vista, can't remember what though. Using SQL Server Express 2005 (Supposedly 64bit but it installed in program file (x86) so I think it's really 32bit. I prefer the YYYY-MM-DD TT date format, it was just that there were 2 different formats so it looks odd. Using "Search Internet for Box Art" I can't see it there... What's the file called? Thanks
  5. Just got it installed, and run into a couple of issues (Running Vista Home Premium x64 SP1) It tells me I need to run sp_configure 'user instances enabled' It might be worth changing that to the full command which is: sp_configure 'user instances enabled','1' reconfigure in case anyone else gets stuck. I added a DVD title manually to test it out, and can't delete it. I've gone through the delete process, but I get 'an error occurred deleting 300 from the database'. Also the cover art I added to it by selecting it from DVD Empire doesn't display. Dates for manually added titles and titles go
  6. Are you running Vista? There's a wallpaper changer sidebar gadget that lets you pick a change interval between 5 seconds and 24 hours
  7. I'm surprised an application to do this hasn't been made before - the original Settlers game (released in 1994!) let you plug 2 mice in and play a split screen game with 2 independent mice, so it's been technically possible for a long time.
  8. The ones from the Alienware Xenomorph suite but I changed the blue glow to red to fit with the Windowblinds theme I'm using.
  9. Does anyone know of any black or (preferably) carbon fibre looking drive icons? Thanks in advance!
  10. AFAIK Windows 2000 hasn't been supported by Microsoft for a while now. "Everything and anything from Microsoft should be available on all the Operating Systems that are still Supported." How would they sell new OSs if they made everything available on the old ones?!?
  11. Rip it to an ISO then mount in a virtual drive?
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