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  1. Hi devrexster, this is a nice one, but it does not work with ObjectDock !!
  2. @Dodgers Sorry, mate, no hint in that forum, so... my icons in system tray are still eaten up a bit on the bottom parts
  3. @Dodgers I've playing with changing the value following kisnemon, but no luck at all. The problem is as well the new SkinStudio ver. 6. It is a bit differently organized then previous versions. Whatever, I've been digging a bit in this new SkinStudio (as you can see in my screenshot), changing the values but nothing better in effect. I use Vista, so the modifications of different functions is more complicated. I can not find the correct place to adjust the "Desktop properties>appearance tab" in this damn Vista. Can you help me somehow?? Thanks in advance
  4. I have the same problem & my settings in SkinStudio are here : In which part of the SkinStudio should I adjust & what ?? Please help guys.
  5. Showed looks this way: But mine is also visible on the black part of the screen when watching movies :
  6. @Phantom_Lord It would be great to know, how to remove this damn thing, cause it does not help me anyway, but is visible on some movie players (like GOM player or PowerDVD), on the black part of the screen. @Sir Pimpalot your link is just to identify & kill the process of recognizing flash cards, but this process I need to have working (USB pen drives, flash cards of different kinds, etc. etc.) My notebook is quite new. It's a TOSHIBA Satellite A200-10w. DOES ANYBODY KNOW THE ANSWER ???
  7. Thank you, bulin23 just jumped into version 2.0 and was definetly looking for a OSX tye of skin for it. GOOOOD JOB !!!
  8. Duckie - you're the boss !!! Downloading now and eager to see it in action. Thanks a lot (from my Axim too ) !!!!
  9. Thanks for the info, Duckie. Actuallu can't wait for the jump over with full OS Tiger customisation for my Axim. Unfortunately I got almost no free time lately to take care for this by myself Long leave x50v (at least until will get our hands on x51v
  10. Yeah, same here (x50v). Duckie - you are god in these things, thanks and waiting for release.
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