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  1. anyone got it working on win7 64? what a mess... the project seems to be died... mess mess mess
  2. hi Vemod, any news on 64bit side? win7? well if you need support for 64, what about if i try to find a good windows os knower? let me know... i can't live without coverflow on win7 64bit.
  3. Vemod! nice to have some notice from the right part. please don't care about such one that also use uppercase it would be nice if you could work on the 64bit version. as I say.... there are some limitation and missing dll... that I've found.... the coverflow in win7 64 bit can be chose in explorer.... but it not work! fingerXP works on 64bit..... it have some limitation.... coverflow in it don't work.... and for list you got an access violation error. I thought the limitation could be in some administrator limitation or the dll need simply to be rewrited or something else for the 64bit versi
  4. hi guys, is the project dead? hopefully no... a so cool tool. any one got it working on win7 64bit?
  5. hi, I skip from xp32 to win7 64bit.... I want install coverflow... but each time I got an error ThreadedImgExtract.dll is missing... any idea about? I look on the web for missing dll... but it seams to don't exist at all. please could someone help me. thank you finally I find a 64bit version inside windows directory... but coverflow is still invisible.... strange is that it show up in rightclick in window explorer but does't run if enabled.
  6. request for: mfntv0.3.3dll.zip hi, could someone please share/post the above dll.. the link is broken and also on the site isn't possible to download it. thank you in advance.
  7. EDITED I fixed my display problem with it.... now it's awesome! could be there a way to display icons or tiny image in their maximal dimension... without to scale/stretch them? thank you for this cool little jewel! thanks
  8. Hi, I was very satisfied from stackdocklets1.... but now the folders and the app icons break the link to the real folder or exe. anyway I'm using version2... it's working on xp sp3. a question... is there a way to let show icons in a smaller size... the one are to big for me! thank you
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