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  1. My head asploded from the nostalgia.
  2. I guess I should post here, too. Wallpaper: Special Brew 3.0 by 2Shi (Just a simple edit by me).
  3. The cheapest model is $1442 where I live... That's just too much for a 13" laptop.
  4. Looking good as always, albeik. Haven't used anything relating to docks or docklets in couple of years, but maybe it's time to try again, looks so tasty Keep it up!
  5. Yes it is Sometimes there's a dvd case and/or glass but that's it.
  6. I don't know the answer, and that sounds really weird. However, I think you will get better answers from the mozilla forums. Chances are, that someone has had the same problem, so I advise you to search before you post a new topic there. But before you go there, make sure you have updated your firefox. It might have been fixed in a newer release (the current one is
  7. A bit old photo, but everything looks pretty much the same. I really need to take a brighter photo someday.
  8. Maybe because the same person made the iconsets... So what is it like to live in a box?
  9. That was great. Thanks for posting it. I'm never gonna get tired of these parodies, because the real ads suck so much.
  10. Those are cool, thanks. It's unbelievable how retarded the mac-guy sounds in the official ads.
  11. Might not be safe for work, depends on where you work Wallpaper made from Jean-Sebastien Monzani's photos. Check out his page, he's amazing. Theme is Classix 10k 2.0
  12. I'm pretty sure what you are talking about, but can't find them. Anyway, here's something in that style: Sketch.
  13. That's pretty nice, I like the background and the frame. But you didn't write her name right in the wallpaper or the topic It's Keira Knightley. And I hate the fact that most of wallpapers are made 1280x1024 these days. So what I'm saying I'd like more 4:3 versions, if possible
  14. We steal them from other forums.
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