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  1. Hi, Is it possible someone tell me where I can find skins for X Windows docks 5.2 particulary blue one ? thanks.
  2. Hi, Il forget how to find skin for XWindows dock. Is it possible someone tell me to get links ? thanks.
  3. Cathy


    Thank you so much.... super !!!!
  4. I just notice that the new version of W Windows Docks 2.0.3 is not working properly. You put it and after to stop the computer and start back again... the folders desapear and you have to do everything back each time.... the version 2.0.2 was much better about this problem. You put it and have just to take the folder and put it on and you get it back. Moved to correct thread - mps69
  5. Cathy


    I bought AQUA SOFT SKIN SUITE to find skins for XWindows Dock and I did't arrive to get the link to download. I send a message to Tim Kimberl and he try to help me as his best. I just get some skins but not so much. But it's ok. Thanks a lot to Tim Kimberl because he really try to help me.
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