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  1. Hi all. (-- Who's that guy? -- Shhh, its McBar's author!) Sorry, guys who 'found' a trojan in distribution. I have informed all of you once before in this thread, that it's a false positive. I don't know exactly how I managed to produce a false-trojan binary, but it was considered trojan even after a few recompilations, compressions and resource editing. Yet it's not a trojan, it's a very simple but powerful hook library in the manner of "anti-AV-malware" popular at the compilation time. The trojans at that time protected themselves from being scanned and deleted by tapping into antivirus windows and killing 'em. My DLL taps into programs and has an option to kill 'em (when you press the Close button), but it does this all on your demand only, see the difference? The last time when I wrote about the AV' misbehaviours and false positives, I offered all of you the source code of that library to inspect it and compile by yourself (to get the same result). I still don't have any objections to provide the source code on your demand, BUT it's been YEARS since that time, so I cannot even guarantee I can find that source code (but I'll try if you ask me). I understand, that now, after so many years, after 2 new versions of Windows, after 3 XP service packs and a couple of AV generations (and a couple hundreds of virus generations) the techniques I used in McBar are utterly obsolete and hence I officially disrecommend anyone using Windows newer than XP SP1 to install and try McBar. It's sad, but we all have to admit - oldware and deadware is no good for you, your peace of mind and your computer, of course. I don't actually know anything to recommend you guys instead of McBar. There are some developers wandering around, ask them to do something similar (I promised a hooking code + there's so much eye-candy techs nowadays like Adobe AIR or WPF). I don't have a time to continue McBar, I don't have a new PC, I don't have a fresh Windows or Visual Studio, so McBar is gone. Sorry again.
  2. Actually, there it goes: http://www.avedesk.org/desklet.php?id=62
  3. I'll try to make a mirror ASAP? I'll post the link a bit later
  4. I heard that rimmer is boiling/extremely melted steel. I thought this name suits me because: 1) I'm a metallist, the Manowar fan 2) sometimes I cant get so furious that is not very safe to stay near me. 3) good things can be forged with my help eventually My nick should be spelled in CAPSLOCK because of "Loud as it can be" principal by Manowar A while ago I started adding "333" digits to my nick because many forums and other sites said that RIMMER is already registered (not the Aqua-Soft case fortunately).
  5. Ahh, if you could appear a couple of years ago... At that time I was much interested in desktop development... Now the web is my destiny. Anyway, I wish you and your project good luck. I will anticipate it much
  6. Alas, Andreas, people seem to have really lost their interest. Particulary I did because of migrating to Linux...
  7. K... 1. Which incarnation of the iPod do you like the most (product line and generation)? iPod shuffle 1GB (the latest one, clipping) 2. Which version of iTunes do you like best? Winamp 2.81 (really!) 3. Name the celebrity you think is the hottest (do both genders for a chance at extra points!)? me 4. If you could have a super power, what would it be? Teleportation ability 5. What is your favorite color/colour? BLACK 6. Do you play World of Warcraft? No 7. Favorite genre of music (Try to keep it as simple as possible. I only know seven.)? Heavy Metal (loud as it can be!) 8. In one word, describe me. Russian? 9. Chocolate or Vanilla? Choco, of course 10. Where is Steve Jobs from? I dunno the name exactly, but I can point you the right star and planet, it's in nearest galaxy.
  8. Boy, you seem not to know the history of AveDesk. It all started with docklets, and then came era of desklets (which seem to be very close to docklets for developer). Then was SysStats (which was a docklet actually, but many people liked it as desklet). Then came AveScripter, bringing us the power of scripts (vs. compiling C/Delphi code). Actually, I was going to make K-let - a desklet like AveScripter, but aimed for launching Konfab widgets. But after AveScripter had been released I abandoned my own project. My advice: use AveScripter and port your beloved widgets to AveDesk, this way you'll help community and develop yourself!
  9. Thanks, vkeios. I already have compiz (it is called Beryl since September), and I can't already live without it. And window decorations (header and buttons) are of course as on the screenshot under your link. I just wish to go further and have widgets (i.e. buttons, edit fields, scrollbars and others) modified to Aqua look. The only problem is that GNOME isn't sweet enough for me (though I have nice Aqua themes installed for it), but KDE is more difficult to customize (though it is very smooth-looking).
  10. Hi everybody. I was migrating to linux lately and faced one problem. There's a plenty of mac-looking skins for GNOME (one of them is glorious Gno-SX discussed somewhere around), but I cannot find something right-looking for KDE. There's popular Baghira theme in kde-look.org and others, but I don't like it (it looks too much Panther, when I wish for Tiger look). And even here I cannot find the right theme. I noticed that the whole KDE look and feel reminds of OSX. There're animated progress bars and hilighted edit fields, and those scrollbars with both scrolling buttons on the bottom... ahh, so nice (I loved that feature in OSX since first seen screenshot), but this looks too much KDE because of Lipstik theme... The whole two desktop environments (MacOS Aqua and KDE) seem to be parallel, even Safari browser is based on Konqueror... But... can I get some sweetness because of this parallelity?
  11. Thank you so much, Ave! I didn't participate the discussion of this request, but I saw it and hoped you will do this. Now I've got AveTunes in my favorite desklet list. Thank you! Unbe, you're evil
  12. ram, unpack the archive to [avedesk folder]/desklets/ Then go to Add Desklet dialog and simply add it. You'll have an x icon on your desktop; {double}clicking it, you will see the dock itself. G'luck!
  13. If anyone misses his own currency in currency convertor, here's the tutorial how to add your currency to the conversion list: 1. Check out the currency list in the attached file (see below this post). It contains the codes for totally 151 currencies from all over the world. If your currency is not there - I'm very sorry, but there's nothing to do with it. But if you see it there - find and remember a three-letter code next to its name, then proceed to the next step. 2. Go to [your AveDesk folder]DeskletsAveScripterUnitConverter. Find the file named 'units.xml'. First of all back it up to somwhere (if anything goes bad you can restore it momentally). Now edit the original with Notepad or your favorite Notepad substitute. For your own sake close AveDesk or just Unit Converter widget while editing that xml. 3. In that file find the following <group id="10" name="Currency" onenter="EnterCurrency()" onexit="ExitCurrency()"> It is usually located on the 98th line of file, but everything can change, so you better find it. Now between that line and the closest one below which contains '' text there are the currency rates. Each string normally contains one currency. 4. Now copy the last line with currency (the last line before '' string) and paste it again before '' string. In this new line set the name parameter to your currency name (literally as you would like to see it in the widget); change the id to maximal id in this group plus one (usually just add 1 to existing id). Now remember the three-letter code I asked you to remember in the first step. Set it as the CID parameter for your currency. Now, if you have an internet connection, you might proceed to the next step. If you don't, let's continue editing. Calculate the rate of your currency to USD (how much bucks would they give for 1 point of your currency - or it's just 1 divided by the price of US Dollar in your country). Put this number as scale parameter for your currency. 5. Save 'units.xml' and run Unit Convertor Plus widget. Go to Currency group, if you are not there yet. Wait until the end of web update (if it is enabled) and try to convert your currency to USD first. You should see the very familiar number you see in financial news and foreign exchanges. Now enjoy converting from any currency to yours and vice versa! uconcurr.zip
  14. OK, pcm. I solved this all. This was, as you might guess, for Unit Converter Plus (the currency updates). My solution was to ignore the empty value returned by XML.GetValue() and not to save it into units.xml. And "Catastrophic failure" is ussually thrown when operating with OLE (COM-to-JavaScript introduced objects in this case).
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