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  1. This is a relatively simple creation. For a quick and dirty method of recreating this follow this methodology: 1) download the batman returns symbol 2) find a picture of dry dirt, or better yet, rust! 3) greyscale the rust or dirt 4) add a new transparent layer and color it brown 5) right click on that new layer and change the blending options.. so that it creates a even flow of color (pick at your own discretion) 6) merge the layers together 7) duplicat the layer 8) place the batman symbol in the center of your masterpiece. 9) either outline the image or make it a path.. your choice 10)
  2. Ok, so i dont quite know where to find it or what to call it. Anyways, its attached below.. im assuming its a mod... and was wondering if it can be recolored to fit say a royale theme or the likes. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. i want to know how you get that one toolbar directly above the window. its like you moved the exporer window to the top instead of the side.. HOW HOW HOW!?!
  4. Im not sure if This is a docklet bug or an ave bug, but if you load the Analog clock, then switch to the digital clock, the shadow for the digital clocks font turns into a psuedo minute hand. It seems to ghost the analog clocks hand..
  5. I figured a bug thread to address all of the problems that OD+ has, and needs to fix. 1. there is a thing ghost line of the icon which shows up on the taskbar after you start a new program on the tabbed dock 2. font problem on tabbed dock (addressed) 3. fly out menu problem (addressed) 4. system tray icons get too stretched out, maybe addition of selectable icons for them --though more of a request for a feature... anyone else find anything?
  6. http://gallery.ipodlounge.com/ipod/displayimage.php?pos=-163 This guy was so on its not even funny. All i really got to say is he OWNED everyone who voted against him. :6
  7. After using OD+ for about a week now, i honestly have to say this is awesome. Everything is nice and orderly, and i love the tabbed dock. This dock reminds me of Slicker for KDE http://www.slicker.org/setup/modules/galle.../slicklarge.jpg This may be a way you might want to go, a slicker clone for windows. This program has a lot of nice features such as slide out calendars, reminders, time, etc. But most importantly, Stackable tabs. If there were one feature id like to see it would be a tab very close to slickers start tab, which has shortcuts listed underneath the start button. This is
  8. Sweet thanks, ill see if this works. I was getting pissy.
  9. Yea... isnt that the only one that has been released?
  10. Recently i was using objectdock, when the flyout menu just stopped functioning. The flyout would come out as normal, but would not move side to side, nor let me double click any items, but when i clicked elsewhere the menu would disappear like it was functioning. I removed and added the flyout menu quite a few times to see if i could manage to make it work. In order to correctly make the flyout function i restarted my computer, to see if the problem would fix itself. It did not. The menu in fact now reverted to default font and size. with entries for label font and size blank. I replac
  11. Here is the problem. How will you listen to your ipod while docked. Impossible. --or you can dock it upside down, i guess thats a possibility:rolleyes: NOW... HERE IS MY COMPLAINT! iPOD 20 gig no longer comes with the dock. When they removed the 15 gig version they removed the dock for the 20 gig version. Now you have to pay an extra 40 for a dock. I think thats bull crap. Honestly im not that worried as i dont need a dock, im more then willing to have billions of wires everywhere. 40 bucks just isnt worth it... Also, if your school has an estore where they have a relatoinship btw de
  12. Anyone have a screen shot!?
  13. Hey, i have noticed 2 things. one of which may be a bug, the other which is more a request. Firstly the bug, For some reason my C drive icon wont show up. Like will will flash to the correct icon, then flash to an unknown file icon. (this is possibly a **** up on my part.. So if you have any suggestions on what i can do..please do tell) Secondly, the request. I hate active web pages or whatever on my desktop. I have noticed that it now loads, but i can not turn it off... So i manually closed it off in tweakui, but i was wondering if you can have the active desktop disabled by choice
  14. i was about to yell at people about it just being a color theme. Good job, but i would love to see a itunes esque winamp skin... Its possible people... get on it!
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