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  1. Hey all, if you know me it's great to 'see' you again, if not, then nice to meet you. Obviously I've been out of the Aqua customization scene for several years now, so I'm very behind the times. And I have questions. First, what's the GUI for the iPhone called? Are there any decent ports of it to Windows? If so, where are they. Sure, I've seen the icons everywhere over the last few years, but haven't stumbled across a skin. I know that the iPhone doesn't have the same operational elements that OSX or Win7 have in the exact places, however a port could be done that maintains the same style.
  2. Resurrecting a dead thread... that's a very zombie like thing to do, isn't it? I love my username, it's simple, but has a variety of meanings for me. Now if I could only remember the login to my original account and switch the "0" for the "o"...
  3. Seriously, how's it going Timan?!
  4. SOLAR PASSAGE (@DeviantArt) Win7. Simple. Elegant. About damn time.
  5. Is he really? The "Worst"? Heheh. I remember you Liquid, what's going on?
  6. Excellent work, I'm looking forward to the Win7 version.
  7. Anyone have a nice icon for Tabula Rasa? Thanks in advance.
  8. ^^ And this guy gets a Senior Member title? ^^
  9. "Iceman started..." LMFAO, thats pretty damn funny. And then people want to argue with Duckie about his comments... yet one more reason I hate this place. God, I swear Timan should have killed this place when everyone went nutso last year.
  10. Its post like this that make life worthwhile.
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