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  1. mine. found the pic on the web...
  2. it's like to hack a schoolserver or the router at school. the (moral) question is WHY are those sites blocked? you should concentrate on your schoolwork and not on your friends/games on facebook ;-) please folks, do not give instructions to hack a router/server. there ARE reasons/policies why students/employes are not allowed to open specific sites at school/work.
  3. i hope this is a april fool... "(..) Please note, all forum rules apply in this thread. Any rules broken will result in a warning or ban at moderator's discretion. Most importantly, report rules violations. Members found to be moderating will be suspended. br / meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI" (..)" hmm.. not funny.. the video "Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up" is not funny either.. ;-)
  4. found a new one on that page: http://desk.blueidea.com/1600BZ450.htm
  5. "The world's thinnest notebook." acctually this slogen is a lie. it is maybe the thinnest on the market, but not the world's thinnest. i read an article on the swedish-macworld site ( http://macworld.idg.se/2.1038/1.140642). it says that Pedion by Mitsubishi was more thinner. here is an article in english: http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9850943-7.html
  6. sorry, it's not that helpfull.... but don't you have a backup of your files (even if you have a mac)? if not, buy an xtern hdd, they aren't that expansive anymore... good luck by the way!
  7. ]i found a picture i made in 2005. i shot this photo on the street-car-fest-stockholm-2005. not only nice cars, a bikinishow as well!!!! yeah, i was on the front row... BUT: i don't know her name or number ;-) NC????? Image removed. Use some better discretion some people browse this thread from work.-SSmiley here is the link to the image: http://www.holtstraeter.com/cybercheffe/Pr...eddy/Bild-1.jpg PS: in my opinion - if (private) surfing is not allowed at the office / school / work time, "some people" should visit this thread at home.
  8. i like your wall. can i have it? here is mine:
  9. europe... born in germany, living/studying in sweden
  10. at home: mac mini (1,66 GHz- core duo), wireless mighty mouse, new mac keyboard, fujutsu-siemens 19" wide TFT, iomiga extern HDD, JBL creatures II speakers at university: imac (1 HGz), logitech mouse (all mighty mice are disapearing all the time), apple standard keyboard.....
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