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  1. Oh, right, forgot the basics OS: Windows XP SP3 OD Version: to the *.exe) Windows Firewall: active (disabling doesn't help) Security Software: Avira Anti-Virus 10 (the docklet already stopped working while I still had Version 9, worked fine before along with Avira though) Removing and re"installing" the docklet didn't help either (I didn't re-install ObjectDock though) EDIT: I tried the updated docklet version over here as well as the previous version which I still had on hd and neither of them worked. Since I can't really tell when exactly it stopped working
  2. Hello! First of all: your Docklet is great, I love it! Sadly: it stopped working about 1-2 weeks ago :-( Apparently I'm the only one having that issue (according to Google search results at least ;-)) so I'm kinda clueless what the reason for this behaviour might be. Do you have any idea how to fix my problem? Maybe you could tell me on which (system) files your docklet depends so I can try to fix it myself (considering the possibilty that I might have altered a system dll or something which is needed)? Thanks in advance.
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