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  1. Lesson 1: makesure your magnification "Iconsize" "hover" are different values, to be specific, make hover bigger than icon size Lesson 2: only use one wallpaper, multiple wallpapers make xwd static Lesson 3: if you are going to reinstall, ALWAYS save the Dockelts.xml and DOcklets data
  2. Yes, I know how but it is illegal because you would have to alter XWD therefore breaking the terms and agreements another way is to use both 5.6 and 2.0 since they are completely different files. I personally use 5.6 on bottom and object dock on my left edge
  3. Click on show process of all users, you will find that other hidden processes are also using your CPU.
  4. Enough of the indirect crap, lets cut straight to the Solution! A Flawless Win in 12 easy steps: Straightforward solution: Step 1: open start menu and type in "show or hide common icons on the desktop" step 2: open it and leave it open step 3: makes sure that the recycle bin is ticked step 4: go to this site and download Icon packager step 5: install icon packager step 6: download my attached file containing 2 PNG's step 7: extract the 2 PNG's to your Xwindows dock directory step 8: open Icon packager and click on "icon and curors" step 9: right click
  5. Right Click on Desktop - >> personalize --->> desktop background -->>select ONLY one wallpaper Go into task manager and restart Explorer.exe go to dock preferences, make sure that the "magnify icons when hovered" is larger in pixels than Icon size Feels weird, something is missing? Google Multiple wallpaper changer
  6. Download XWD V2.0.3 uninstall your current dock -->> go to your appdata \ Roaming Folder and Delete XWindows Dock (C:\users \ user \ appdata\roaming \ XwindowsDock) reinstall Xwindows dock and when you install skins make sure your skins are XWD 2.0.3 compatible
  7. Remember: using W7's Feature of Multiple wallpapers disables many XWD Features. To free you Dock do the following: use only one Desktop Wallpaper, do a google search for Multiple wall paper changer and use that instead go to star task manager and End explorer.exe --->> after go to new task ->>> explorer.exe
  8. Be specific, which Version of XWD are you using?
  9. I see that no one has replied, because no one cares, people rarely like helping.. 349 Views and out of those 349 I bet 30% knew the reason why, but they were too lazy to answer However I will gladly give a helping hand! First off, this is not a bug. If you are using Windows 7, W7 sometimes fails to remember the last position and last size of a window. And since Xwindows Dock is intertwined with Explorer.exe, it will gladly catch the cold. If you want to fix this directly, that would be illegal, since the only direct way to fix this would be to alter Xwindows Dock exe itse
  10. Before I begin, I must say that this Dock is Legendary, the only reason why I have been able to endure this Bug is because This is the Greatest Dock I have ever used no doubt/ I am Madly In love with this Dock, even though I am running out of options, I respect the author too much to alter it for my own Good switching to another dock would always make me feel like something is missing. Type: This is permanent bug, there is no On or Off switch, it will still eat CPU even after restart. How was the Bug Formed? This Bug Forms when I copy or Delete
  11. This is For Object Dock, not Xwindows dock, and it doesn't work.
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