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  1. Multi monitor BUG: Description of problem: I have set my multi-monitor settings so that my bigger 22" monitor is above my main (netbook) monitor which is below (my big monitor sits higher behind it on my desk. I have the dock positioned at the top of my main screen (the netbook), where i like it to take focus so that whenever i move my mouse to the top of my main screen (the netbook) the dock will appear over the top of any other applications i am working on which are usually always full screen! Specifics of bug: The bug causes problems when i move my mouse up and past the dock and onto the
  2. YES definately! RkLauncher is an amazing program! It's the most stable and un-bloated dock i've used, it's sweet and simple and smooth on the surface, but powerful under the hood. PLEASE Keep it un-bloated. Maybe the open-source community can help to nut out the bugs that plague it's current state if you haven't the time for it anymore. The only two things that really affect is that my start menu gets graphics glitches after i mouse over rkLauncher (and the magnification function or margin hotspot function effect it) (see bug report here: Post 544 AND Adding Multi-Monitor support would be a G
  3. System: Asus 1.66ghz EEEPC netbook, Windows XP Service Pack3, RkLauncher Settings: Dock Size 25 Magnification 144 Behaviour options that are set to on: "use margin hotspot" and "full margin hotspot" Important Note: When magnification is turned off the graphics glitch described below is localised to the actual dock-size setting (i.e. 25) Description of problem: RKlauncher causes the windows start menu to leave graphics of itself on the screen. There seems to be a certain number of pixel-space that Rklauncher uses on the screen i.e. 100 pixels in width or something. if t
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