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  1. Download Hawkeye Shellinit 0.4.2 from http://majorgeeks.com/Hawkeye_ShellInit_d1239.html

    It's simple and do the job.

    From menu use ACTION.

    In Script Window write: Margin, 0, Bottom, 50

    From File, save the script with a name you like. Run it. And you can edit with Notepad for adjustments of "Bottom".

    When ready, put a shortcut in Start menu

    OR: (the easy way, and I think you don't need the program Hawkeye Shellinit )

    Create a text document with Notepad. Write: Margin, 0, Bottom, 50

    Save it. Change the name from .txt to .hss file.

    When ready, put a shortcut in Start menu



  2. I would like to see "Reserve space for Dock" option

    Oh and is it possible to make Genie Effect for OpenGl?

    Because every time i try to use Genie Effect for DirectX i get some error message

    Message says:

    Error Creating Direct3D Device

    Dock doesn't crash,it minimizes normally(without effect)

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