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  1. i Think it would be great to let users minimize windows to the dock item and to make it so that the Genie effect could let you have that effect when bringing back the application from minimization so that would be great Jack
  2. Hi it is me again from Expose for all aplications there is only one more problem with xwindows dock that is magnification well i have two dock programmes there is RK Launcher and xwindows dock there is two things i want in xwindows dock from RK Launcher the first is Minimizing windows to the Dock With The Genie Effect From The Mac and the Second is Magnification which is another one from the mac and like i said before is if they implemented it into xwindows dock that would be great Jack I Now Have Closed The Poll For Exposé For All Applications If You Don't Want Exposé And You Don't
  3. Thank You Very Much Now i Have Exposé working for all Applications thanks for your help it all works and all my applications work with it
  4. Hi I Have Xwindows Dock 2.02 and i have Exposé Working but unfortunatly it only works for one application (My Computer) so if you would be able to make xwindows dock's EXposé work for all applications
  5. Hi I Tryied it i dont exactly know where To Get it is it the Beta because i have tried it and it is only My Computer
  6. Hi i really like xwindows dock but i have noticed that exposé only works for my computer i find this to be very buggy because i really like exposé Jack Thanks Every One For Reading And Replying It Has Helped My Loads i have resolved one of the items of my post Exposé Many Thanks To vi20RickrMetal12us i Now Have Finished Working On The xwindows dock Magninification Control Here is a link to my new post />http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/topic/54181-magnification/
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