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  1. My opinion. I like the way it is. Light, Simple and Sweet. we can add anything (through docklets) whatever we want. So there's no need for anything. Wht I mean is please don't fill it with all tht gadgets and heavy stuffs. It'll make it slow. But please do update it to make it stable (though I never had any problem with RKlauncher). and one more thing .. RKlauncher ROCKS :D
  2. Can't make it work with Rklauncher ... altought it supports both y'z and OD docklets ... tried the one from wincustomize too. Unzipped the "startmenu" file ... moved the contents too Rklauncher>Docklets ... then restarted rklauncher ... right clicked it .. and in "add docklet" .. startmenu didnt show up ... please help wht to do. EDIT Ok i just renamed "startmenu.dll" to "objectdock.dll" .. it worked .. but the menu is'nt showing "OVER" the dock ... see the image .. HELP NEEDED PLEASE!!! EDIT AGAIN OK it worked ... I download the yz version of this docklet .. renamed it to "yzd
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