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  1. we established that a while ago, I really like the yztoolbar themes tho, thx cherrysoul and ur mods are nice too!
  2. Make a fox one! for Foxy! (and for me...)
  3. too bad Dan loves me. I'm finding a host for the files now.
  4. I had just finished installed Axialis IconWorkshop when I saw this thread, good thing i didn't pay for IconWorkshop. :naughty:
  5. Miranda may have the ability to look like Proteus, but I prefer using trillian and just using samurize to make it look like Adium. I would love a skin like what DreamTeam is speaking of as well.
  6. Are you kidding me, Toxic was great. I think she's hot, ur wallpapers nice as well.
  7. I was browsing around and I came across this website. I think it would make a good VS, I wonder if there's already a Mac version?...
  8. w00t LSD!!!!!! DOOOooooooooooooooooo! DOMo arigato Mr roboto!! Talk to me on MSN Messenger.
  9. When he fully maximizes a window, the top of the window goes behind OB. Hope that helps, I dunno what to do to fix it tho.
  10. yea it's emailmeyourpanthertoolbarandthesmoothstripesthatIaskedyouforawhileago. If you need any more help, my e-mail is [email protected]
  11. Holy **** LoofyGun, please release that VS, it looks soooooooooo sick!!! And that awesome blue wallpaper! So minimalistic!!!!!!!! Dooooooood!
  12. ...no one else? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this is one of the greatest themes. ever! okay, maybe i'm exaggerating...
  13. I was recently talking to Eldy about him helping LSD port the BlueMilk series when I came across Shark's mod. I thought to myself "weren't there a few people porting that?" So I asked Shark and he said that if I could find somebody to port it he would surely give them permission. I asked Eldy but he said he'll probably be too busy and I know Shiggy's too lazy to release it if he ports it so I'm putting it out in the open, Somebody please port it! :!: Edit: Images:: SS Test Finder Shark's Page - look under modded themes Edit2: Oh yea, cherrysoul's Panther Yz toolbar would go good with this
  14. I recently received an Apple E-News letter that said in Os X Panther, you can add an mp3 to the startup folder. I'm sure this will work for XP as well, just a helpful and cool tip.
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