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  1. The WindowBlinds 7.01 update was released. Current users can download the update via Impulse. What's new and updated: Microsoft themepacks now appear as sub-styles of Aero, and can be applied New guided tour on first run More textures added Explorer backgrounds page now shows the textures from the textures page too Many other minor tweaks Modified Aero entry added to skin list. More info and download at http://www.windowblinds.net
  2. WindowBlinds 7 includes a host of new features and adds native support for Windows 7. Amongst its new features is the ability to "skin Aero." WindowBlinds 7 includes a new configuration program that makes it easy to access the new features of the program. For example, users can now add their own textures to existing skins. To learn more, visit http://www.windowblinds.net.
  3. DeskScapes is a unique program that allows users to customize their Windows desktop wallpaper with effects, animation and a variety of other options. DeskScapes 3 adds support for Windows 7 and includes a host of effects that users can apply to their existing traditional desktop backgrounds. DeskScapes 3 also includes a new configuration interface that lets users easily mix and match between different types of wallpaper. Natively, DeskScapes supports its own popular DREAM format which lets users use video or dynamically generated animated wallpaper. Version 3 extends this format to support what are called "Hybrid dreams" that let users mix and match static images and animation designed to provide easy to create animated wallpaper that are also practical and visually exciting. Visit www.stardock.com/products/deskscapes for more information. Screenshot
  4. Island Dog

    Fences 1.0

    Fences works by allowing users to "draw" labeled shaded areas on the desktop, which become movable & resizable containers for any desktop icon. These groups can help bring organization and consistency to your computer's desktop, solving the "constant mess" problem that has plagued the desktop since its inception. Fences also helps users finally appreciate the wallpaper hiding behind a cluttered desktop. In addition to its organizing features, Fences offers a quick-hide feature: Double click your desktop, and all your icons will fade out. Double click again, and they'll return. More info, screenshots, and videos can be found here. Download Fences 1.0 (Free)
  5. The beta 2 update for WindowBlinds 7 has been released today. If you are an Object Desktop subscriber you now have access to this beta which arrives with a variety of updates. Updates include: Live previews. See the changes you make in settings in real-time Completely new user interface which includes grab and throw scrolling, reflections, and a simpler layout. Improved Windows 7 support Improved skin coloring (see video) Improved sub-style selections, and skin search If you purchased WindowBlinds anytime after April 1st, 2009, then you will receive the WB7 update for free. More info at www.windowblinds.net.
  6. Which version of ObjectBar are you using?
  7. An update has been released. You can download it via Impulse or at the Fences website. http://www.stardock.com/products/fences/
  8. If you are a subscriber to Object Desktop, you can get an early look at WindowBlinds 7 which now supports Windows 7. This is an example of a skin being created for Win7.
  9. This is showing the Plus version, but both are being updated.
  10. It's still early in development, but here is a sneak peak at ObjectDock 2.0. http://www.objectdock.com
  11. WindowBlinds 6.4 has been released. If you currently have WindowBlinds, you can simply update via Impulse. What’s new and updated in WindowBlinds 6.4: Support for glass menu bars on Windows Vista Support for a different mouseover image on the right hand side of the Start Menu Control over the background color of the Start Menu "Programs" list Double clicking the top left of a per pixel window will now close it on Windows Vista Control over the search box text color & font Better control over the Start Menu fonts & colors New section to allow a custom mouseover image used on the "Programs" link on Vista versus the legacy solid color Start button overlay now supports animation For more info, visit www.windowblinds.net
  12. SoundPackager is an application that lets users change the default Windows sound scheme to one of many available for download. This is done by applying “packages” of sound files which allows you to easily change to custom sounds without having to change each individual sound file. Changing to a new sound package just takes a couple of clicks, and restoring to the default Windows sounds is just a click away. What’s new in this update: Added option to toggle default skin Improved the left panel options for clarity Added Windows Default Sound to Package list Added option to back up existing sound scheme before application Improved sound package restoration SoundPackager is included with an Object Desktop Ultimate subscription, and also as a stand-alone application for $19.95. More information, including a free download is available at www.soundpackager.com.
  13. Stardock is excited to announce its most innovative desktop utility application since the popular WindowBlinds today – Stardock Fences for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The free application from Stardock clears desktop clutter and provides consistency and organization for groups of files on the desktop. Fences allows users to literally “draw” labeled shaded areas on the desktop which become movable & resizable “containers” for desktop icons. These groups arrange and hide the files on the computer's desktop solving the "constant mess" problem that has plagued the desktop since its inception. To help solve another weak point of the desktop - the mere appearance of clutter, Fences offers a novel quick-hide feature. Users can double click the desktop and all of the icons will fade out. When users double click again the icons will return. Users can pick and choose which desktop icons hide when the feature is activated. Visit the Fences website to see more screenshots and videos of Fences in action, and for your free download. http://www.stardock.com/products/fences/index.asp
  14. You need to make sure you go to the Extras tab and make sure the image dimensions are correct. If they are off, then you will get issues like ones shown in your images. I would also suggest opening various existing skins in SkinStudio and taking look at how the start menu's there are setup. If all else fails, feel free to inquire at the forums on WinCustomize where there are many experienced skinners who can offer assistance.
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