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  1. Here is a bug, when a category has subforums the folder icons do not match the current theme like they do on the forum index page.
  2. Timan, how are we looking on an update as it has been quite some time since the last release?
  3. When can we expect the next update with better IP.Nexus support?
  4. Any release date for the update on blogs, downloads, subscriptions, etc?
  5. Really I didn't know it was that simple, I thought they should be visible either way I hold the phone, no? This explains why I saw them once before and didn't realize where they went.
  6. Update: Tim I think I found it, those moderation tools are set to be hidden in the ipb_styles.css, is there a reason for this? Here are the two CSS entries for that section: body #topic_mod { display: none; } body #topic_mod, .ipbmenu_content li.porthide { display: block; } I have commented out the display:none in the first entry, should this be okay or did you hide it intentionally? body #topic_mod { /*display: none;*/ }
  7. Tim, It seems that around Beta 3 I had the option to move topics, split topics, delete topics etc. but for some reason in the last two releases this seems to be no longer working. Am I imagining that this was there or is it really suppose to be there and it is no longer working for some reason? I remember seeing towards the bottom of the topic around the "Watch topic" section. I am in the Administrator group so I would imagine if this is suppose to be there that I should be seeing it? Or are this mod tools somewhere else and I just thought they were there?
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