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  1. can someone plz help me out... so i tried that idea that tim said.. and my skin got cached.. no big deal.. but now i have the shout box in the main view of my forum and i tried everything and i cant get it to go.. i deleted the app from the global template.. i delete all the sout skin templates and hooks and i can still see it.. any help plz
  2. i did ur idea tim... and i got most of the changes,... but i still didnt get the color picker... any other ideas?
  3. hello... i want to ask... i have the ver before this one and its working great for me.. i made my changes and tweaks to it and it took me for ever so to update now would be a pain in the neck .. i like the color picker and want to give that option to my people.. how and where can i just take that part and where and how to add it to the older ver before this one.? thanks in advance
  4. i see... thats all good.. thanks timan
  5. wow. that worked. now one last thing. if we could. of not, no big deal. but now those small areas of the search and other areas show the colored text in them and not black like the original search box. is there a way to change that? if not no big deal ;-) you've done more than enouph
  6. will I changed the text that's in .box and changed the color and size. but some texts like the theme name the the pic I showed r still the same black text. how can I change that ?
  7. hi .. can anyone please point me to the right code line that will allow me to change the font, size, and color of the general black text of the skin.. ? like this for example and the one that say skin aqua-soft.
  8. tim. thanks. I fixed it. let me ask u. on the right side of a post we have a nice menu to edit delete blog reply ect. can we have one that says tweet this?
  9. i noticed that with the new beta i dont have or can see the post information, and it only shows on landscape mode.. i used to have it with portrait mode before the beta
  10. im loving the update.. thank you veery much. please keep the good work. i have no bugs as of now..
  11. if u want to see what I'm talking about the page moving left to right. look at xsellize.com from ur iPhone. they're pages also move left to right. not like this site. it's stable.
  12. while im waiting for that.. can u also please tell me where i can find the rgb color code for this code? thats the rgb color when the thread has a new post in it. please dont mind me asking soo many questions but im jsut trying to learn.. and i did look for it for over 3 hoursand no luck
  13. I realy can't take a screenshot with my phone with it. but u know how this page won't move left and right? will mine is moving about 5px on both sides. it's a code I deleted I think that stopped the page from moving sideways and now it does.
  14. in the mid of me playing with ipd_styles, i think i removed 1 important peace oc code and now i can find where i did.. it mad my page to scroll left and right allowing me to see the background and what doesn't need to be seen.. how can i stop that?
  15. thank you very much sir.. that helped alot. one last thing.. i looked all over for the text color of the main boxes, as in the thread text.. i know its also rgb cuz i couldnt find it anywhere.. any ideas? EDIT: nvm i found it.. thanks again..
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