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  1. Thanks!. Nope, I havent uploaded yet. If you want add this mod into your skin section, PM me and I will send it to you
  2. I did a mod of the Noire skin (bah, nothing impressive, just to show you how I like your program) Thanks!
  3. What skin is that? Its very nice!
  4. thanks for the update!
  5. Welcome to years++ ago... Seems like every teen will discover the earth over and over again... And we need to know about it... No?
  6. very nice work!. Thanks! (btw, there are some menus (like the right click one) that arent skinned)
  7. I think you are right... We should use dreamland instead of your skin. BTW, Vista 1.1 by Jemaho is a lot better than the arrow skin.
  8. But you are planning to release a substyle with usual/normal sizes, right?
  9. nice work!. But the title bar is so damn big!...
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