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  1. You can use both 5 and 6 for 100/1000 MBit, the main difference is the allowed length. On 100MBit you can go up to 105m with Cat5 (or a total signal path of 210m) and several (3 or so)km with Cat6. (Even more with Cat7 oder glass fibre) You can Use Cat5 for GBit, but don't try to run it too far,for the usual 5-10m it should work, but not much more... And be sure to keep away from those ugly 240V/110V (whatever they use where you come from) cables, they'll ruin the speed when they are too close and might ever fry a NIC (transformator-like effect)
  2. doesn't Adobe Reader come with browser plugins already?
  3. I used eXescope now, and it worked fine,but will stick with ResHacker for the rest, like it more... many thanks, guys!
  4. Why not Use ResHacker?? Not that I didn't like it, but: I have a small App i want to customize for my own pleasure, but I can't get ResHacker to replace some Ressources (.jpg's in RCDATA-Section), each time I try to do so ResHacker crashes...
  5. Is there any free program to edit .dll's other than ResHacker or ResTuner (which is $40)??
  6. Corel packs it with their Graphics Suite, it's called Swiss9?? The guys at Corel always give their fonts different names, I hate it... BTW: May I mail a friend a copy of a font I got with Corel/Office/(whatever software comes with fonts may be inserted) or is it illegal?
  7. Would it not be possible to run OsX, which is AFAIK based on BSD-Unix on a PC-BSD-Kernel?? Or simply recompile it on a PC??
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