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  1. Taskbars that show only minimized apps aren't currently possible within ObjectDock, but we are looking to add this for an upcoming update! In the regular version you'll be able to have a taskbar show only minimized apps, and in the plus version there'll be the added ability for if you have multiple monitors, you can have the taskbar only show tasks for the monitor that it is on.
  2. ntchemist: that is pretty friggin awesome! ya know what would be pretty sweet? if a future version of ObjectDock were able to apply different effects on icons before it showed them, spec'd out in the skin. then you wouldn't need to modify up your icons, anything would work! just a thought i love the skin -Jeff Bargmann ObjectDock Developer
  3. Hey there, Temporary bad news, sorry. I just sent an email to try and get that changed looks like someone down the line got some wrong information about what to advertise as being in this release. Reserving the edge is only in the Plus version right now...only because the feature so far has only been implemented for the tabbed docks, not zooming docks. So don't be mistaken ; upgrading to plus will not make it so your classic zoomer docks have the ability to reserve the edge! That ability is planned for the next release of ObjectDock along with some new themeing features. I can say for
  4. hey guys, describe at all what you were doing when this was happening? if for changing a shortcut icon, i heard jdwalsh say "and hit browse to find the image, it crashes."... now is that it crashes after you click the "Change Image" button? and if so, before or after the choose image dialog appears? or, is it when you click the actual "Browse" button from within the Choose Image dialog? any bugs found do not make me happy, i want to fix this up asap! let me know any more details... by the way, new 'beta' build "v1.04.477" coming up on StardockCentral soon that tries to fix some of the probl
  5. zpodseven: In the plus or free version? And is the image not on the same drive that ObjectDock was installed to? Found an issue with that, fixed in the plus but a fix for the free for this issue hasn't been released yet. Should be fixed in any recent plus's however -Jeff
  6. Hey Unbeliever, Well I'm glad to hear you enjoy it! Lets see where we're at on the things you mentioned 1) In a v1.x we're going to be looking to shape up the themeing/packaging, which really isn't up to par with the rest of the new systems. We're going to be looking at being able to save/load single docks one at a time, which I think will be pretty useful for people. 2) For the mouse-activating tabs, just dock them of course and then it'll reshow upon mouseover, the delay is configurable. If you have it set for the tabs to not always be on top when docked, hotspots are your only opt
  7. DesktopX does, but the issue is more along the lines like ObjectBar plays by the rules e.g. it requests chunks of space from an edge of the screen, whereas programs such as DesktopX actually SET the workarea with a specific number set by the user, thus overriding anything else making just 'requests' at the workarea. Having multiple programs that both want to set the exact workarea using tricks to do so, idk how that'd end up
  8. Hey greg, Well workarea stuff has been something that I wanted to add in, the main issue behind that is that there are already so many programs that deal with it its difficult to make them get along. Like, what exactly are you supposed to do when both OD+ and DesktopX and ObjectBar all have user-set settings that say the workarea should be different sizes? Which wins? So issues like that need to be addressed. I agree though, there should be something involving workarea control. Still have to talk to the boss 'bout it As for the plugins, hah you can already choose to make a new shortcut
  9. perhaps i need to add something to slow the timers for people with very fast video cards... k_dash see my PM
  10. note! the cut off text on the tabs is not a skin problem as i had thought its an objectdock problem. I fixed it up, for some reason depending on your setup it wouldn't update the tab size properly for the different buffer width the skin has until you rename the thing so yep. we'll be putting out an interm one with a few just little bitty updates like that (and hopfully finding the ntdll crash bug some ppl are reporting _ at some point here -Jeff
  11. Hey Alderaic, 1) i have to find a place for that in the UI, there is demand for it though so it will more than likly show up in a v1.x build 2 and 3) in a future OD+ build i'm looking to add ability for you to set a delay of how long of hovering it takes to switch tabs, including the ability to switch immediatly on autohide-showing. OD+ is going to be getting continual updates through time, and as these are highly demanded features expect them both to make it. Thanks for your support -Jeff
  12. Hah well not done doing all and any work, just not working on updates every day. ObjectBar2 has been just weeks away from a release for some time now. Additionally, ObjectDock+ is going to be getting continual looks as time goes by in forms of free v1.x releases and new features: don't expect it to be a program that is continually just "happy where it is", nor will any serious bug issues be put off and ignored.
  13. Hey Mike, no worries. and no, no way we would do a nag screen or anything like that - ObjectDock isn't shareware and I've always promised that I'd keep all the original dock stuff that people loved free free free not just use it to force people into buying the plus or whatnot. Overall though I guess I put the "Buy ObjectDock Plus" in there just so that people who haven't seen information that there is an objectdock plus see that there is something else they can get, and maybe i'd make them curious to look further. If they stumble on the about dialog there's some info there, and clicking the
  14. thanks deadzombie, i appreciate. basically the problem that we see with having zooming animations for the tabbed docks is that the tabbed docks can be multiple rows/columns at the same time, having basically a block of items. At that point, its really impossible to do the traditional zooming animation, as the one main focused item would have to get larger both length and height wise, thus pushing everything out from every direction, and it would just get very messy and confusing looking. We're taking suggestions for ideas, just haven't found any that we feel really maintain the spirit of bot
  15. mad mike: On the TitleFont issue: the themeing system of ObjectDock is going to change in a v1.x of OD+. Right now you swap in entire themes, this was really designed to be single docks being swapped in and out. Now since ObjectDock Plus has been available, requests have been coming in for the ability to load and save individual docks and tabbed docks. To respond to this, the theming system is going to change soon. Currently there is a limitation that all docks must have the same title font. As for the free version, I'll make note to move the font settings back into the settings.ini (which
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