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  1. It's looks awesome but at the same time it kind of wants you to tilt your head to the right slightly to look at it.
  2. Hi, I am no stranger to IPB although I am to IPB3 and IPC2... is Aqua-Soft iPhone skin compatible with IPC2 as well as IPB3...? I noticed you have a portal which I would imagine is the front end of your site. Will the iPhone skin work with IPC2...? I hope so ;(
  3. Try this... Get the IP address of the website, type in the IP address and the press [enter] If the website opens with graphics, it can resolve IP addy but not HTTP addy. Try going into MS-DOS and the typing into DOS Command, flushdns press [enter] and then try the webpsge again HTTP addy.
  4. I think this is the one people forget the most. Backup is very important. I lost an entire HDD because I didn't back up. Spent 6hrs 10mins recovering my HDD.
  5. This does not sound good. I doubt it very much if this was caused by being in the car. In fact no would be stunted if it did. Sounds as though the battery is in battery heaven.
  6. I was until I seen the price, whilst picking myself up off the floor after fainting. Whilst passing out I do recall shouting out, "f*** ** for an oversized iPod Touch £899.00." Then I thought I'd be better of upgrading my rig... Sorry Apple no offense but, I like my iPod Touch 2Gen.
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