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  1. ALTHOUGH!! I do have an error to report! When I get a New Email, the indicator isn't represented correctly. its supposed to be a red patch as is the default. But it has a grey box over it which makes it lame and maroon colored. here is a picture--
  2. Meh. Did more research... need Yahoo Mail PLUS dontcha?! Those yahoo people suck. So I just got a GMail Account! Haha!
  3. you say freeware but yet i cannot seem to download the Objectdock Beta without paying for the PLUS version and the upgrade.... Help?
  4. How do I configure my mail right!?!? I click test settings and it always comes back with "Account settings are invalid!" I have it set up as follows: Unique Name: ******** IMAP (show unseen/recent) SERVER: www.Yahoo.com PORT:993 (use SSL) Username: *******@yahoo.com Password: ******* Mailbox: INBOX Program to Run: the shortcut to Yahoo Mail Log on address. Parameters: https://login.yahoo.com/ [x] Limit program to one instance [ ] run program automatically [x] Run Program even when there are no mails PLEASE GET BACK TO ME! I have never done this mail thing or any mail to desktop thing
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