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  1. yep hanks movies are pretty good, Saving Private Ryan, The Terminal Man On Fire - my fav also gotta watch The Butterfly Effect, the freakiest movie, but very very cool and well made lord of the rings series - must watch last samurai was pretty damn good, watched it a lotta times these are in the top of my head, i like all sortas war movies as well...Black Hawk Down..etc edit - oh yea denzels movies are good, like my fav Man On Fire, The Manchurian Candidate is up there bourne supremacy was cool too, lots of action and how could i forget my second favorite movie, Troy
  2. hey Magnolium, i sent you a pm last week havent got my webspace yet hope to hear from ya soon
  3. dude i think it could be ur cord for the crt monitor, but tht doesnt explain the reason for the laptop try playing with the cord a bit
  4. hey first off, ill take the oppurtunity to thank you for what you are doing I would really appreciate an opportunity to use your services im into graphics, im looking into having my own blog and i got a couple of designing ideas of what i want to do with the space already so i would be real glad thanks
  5. very slick my friend tho the edges dont look all that smooth, maybe its just the preview anyways great job, hope to see them out soon
  6. if you mean the themes - they are saved in C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication DataAveDeskThemes
  7. all i see is ur useless comments all over :slant: cant u read? :confused: its 23gb worth of data try to be more helpful or it would be more preferable if you didnt post at all i would recommend using partition magic to make a partition and store ur data that way or what many people do is if u have another computer transfer the data through a lan cable (10mbs) and backup it up there.
  8. looks awesome but i think i've seen a lot of half life 2 icons similiar too urs i like it tho , who u callin freaks
  9. yea i heard about it on CNN around 15-20 deaths and a number of people injured
  10. hey thats pretty neat the only weird thing is that gray under the guys shorts :confused: i think you mustve meant that part to be transparent
  11. im sure it will, well atleast it should, warcraft isnt that heavy on resources...well atleast on a pc why dont u just check out the system specs required for that game instead of asking us to check for you :slant:
  12. wow truly amazing that gold ticket is beautiful release a windows version asap
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