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  1. After searching through google for days, I ran on a hunch that they didn't change the file name from vista. I finally found it. It is basebrd.dll located in C:\Windows\Braning\ Basebrd Yellooh-Snooh
  2. Hey everyone; I have been trying to change some things on my windows log on screen. I have already changed the background (easily done after searching google). But what I really want to do is remove the windows version .bmp from the bottom and replace it with one of my own. I know it has to be possible becuase I have done it before in all other windows versions I have had before. The .bmps used to be in the logonui.exe, but now they are not. Does anyone here no where they are in windows 7? Thanks, Yellooh-Snooh
  3. I am working on a deviation and I am trying to figure out how to use the DesktopWorkSpace command. I have read the manual, looked online for hours and not found a good explanation. If ayone could explain it to me I'd GREATLY appreciate it. Yellooh-Snooh
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