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  1. 1. Which incarnation of the iPod do you like the most (product line and generation)? Whichever one I happen to have at the moment 2. Which version of iTunes do you like best? 10... I hear it's going to be awesome... in 3 years 3. Name the celebrity you think is the hottest (do both genders for a chance at extra points!)? Female: Angelina Jolie Male: Wizard (flattery will get you everywhere) 4. If you could have a super power, what would it be? Having multicore/multiprocessor brain 5. What is your favorite color/colour? Blue (not applied to balls however) 6. Do you play World of Warcraft?
  2. I could be a bit fuzzy in my old age, but I believe I made the lunasucks bouncy; I believe I did because it's still in my photobucket (along with more crap from aquasoft through the ages) but I've been known to be wrong/crazy/screwed up.... or better yet... I may have AMNESIA! *ba-dum-psh!
  3. Teh OSX has got most of the old farts ... and me too
  4. Oooh! Photoshop tennis... I remember those days
  5. Disable font preview (CS2 only I think) 1. Open Photoshop. 2. Choose Edit > Preferences > Type. 3. Deselect Font Preview Size and close Preferences. 4. Continue to work in Photoshop to test whether or not the performance issue is solved.
  6. Transmac should work: http://www.asy.com/
  7. Do you mean this background? If you do then choose the color you want as the foreground color and click on the document background with the Paint Bucket Tool selected and the Shift key pressed down. If you mean this background: - then it's controlled by Windows. (In WinXP it's Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Advanced > Application background). tip via Google Groups
  8. Hey, I dunno if anyone has mentioned it, but I think ClearType might help
  9. Latest Update Contest has been won - updates to follow shortly. All further donations will go into an account to sustain the open source project that will be launched with the initial solution. Thanks to Journalspace for hosting this contest in our hour of need! from http://onmac.net/
  10. Just found a dual boot solution that actually works: http://xponmac.com/xm/
  11. "twenny-nein" goin' on the big 3-0 here, good to know I'm not alone.
  12. Take a look at a much simpler time back when Seph was a Windows using noobert. The solution bailed on him at the end but perhaps you'll have better luck. Edit: Damn it! I forgot to post the link! I suck at teh phorums... Clicky linky
  13. FontNav 5, used to be by BitStream I think Corel pwns it now. "It really kicks the llama's ass" because it can display TTF, OTF, Type1 and fonts that are not installed Edit: how to get FN5: http://www.noscope.com/journal/2004/09/fon...gement-solution
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