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  1. XWindows Dock constantly using CPU it never settles to 0 always above 3% consumption is there, i am currently using windows 8.1 and also tried with compatibility mode of windows 7, prior to windows 8.1 i was using windows 7 still same problem of cpu usage was prevailing, also have tried previous versions like 2.0.4.x but same was observed. One more thing whenever i minimize or maximize the window animations does not seems to be smooth and little slow please fix these problems. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. I have ideas for set of features for next version if possible 1. Tapering or rounding of the corners of existing skin and to change background pattern or adjust thickness of dock(i know we can do this adjusting the skin.ini file but it takes longer to adjust settings) visually. 2. backup of settings manual or scheduled within a singlefile either .ini or any custom format does not matter. 3. Translucent mouseover icon names with borders similar to context menu. 4. Begining for a customized Application switcher. 5. Hiding desktop features including icons and taskbar with an option available
  3. I am using windows 7 x64 o.s. whenever i open taskmanager i find xwindows dock seemed too busy inspite of the other processes being too quite.Once i quit Xwindows Dock processor shoots down to 0% otherwise just keep varying without any launch of major application.Please help as my netbook gets too busy with dock.
  4. Could anyone one share the real mac leopard dock for xwindows dock, i have added the image( similar to this) />http://km.support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/HT3739/HT3739_4-en.png
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