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  1. ah i figured as much,, thanx for the help i shall be enjoyin this dock EDIT: I have been doing some reading, and reading an yet more reading. but i cant seem to find my answer. so im sorry if this is repititious But i have the stack docklet 2. when it fans out doesnt show icons,just random default pics, i also have prob when i change my icon in root of folder, it changes but once i drag it to dock well. it goes back toorginal icon..... i tried many diff things, .. any feedback greatly appreciated, thanx
  2. Hi, just wanted say awesome dock,,love this one, im new to the whole dock thing and only been playin with it a couple days. so far so good with a few issues im still tryin to iron out and learn,..but im gettin there...i been doin some reading but 1 thing i cant seem to figure out, or maybe im just slow, which i tend to be in the early morning hours.. the icons i have on the dock, work fine as long as i have the icon on the desktop as well, if i remove the icon off desktop and well that icon on dock just stops working,, thanx again for your help and hard work on this oh yea, run
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