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  1. yeah, it helped. before, my wallpaper was automatically changed after 3 minutes. i made it only one wallpaper and the dock magnification worked. but unfortunately it stopped again after some minutes. i don't know what i tried. maybe it's because i am using Object Dock along with xwd. anyway, thanks for the tips.
  2. The magnification feature in my XWD 5.6 sometimes work and sometimes it sudden stops. Currently it's not working. I don't understand, sometimes the magnification works and sometimes it does not. Actually what is influencing it that it stops to work ? Now magnification is not working, can't drag incons within XWD, if it automatically hide, doesn't appear on mouse hover. Does anyone to how to fix it ? I am using Windows 7 32 Bit.
  3. I have just found the XWD and it seems quite cool. But the problem i'm facing is that I can't drag icons in the dock. I just want to change the icon's place there, such as putting My Computer first, then Documents. But it seems the icons are not moving. Only I can do is to drag a icon outside and it's vanished. How can move the icons inside the dock ?
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