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  1. I remember browsing these forums like it was my job for a couple years wishing my xp would magically turn into osx, and craving those nice and smooth edges that apple is so good at designing. I ended up getting a part-time job alongside of school and only now did I end up getting a new mac. I used to try entering sweepstakes, doing those pyramid schemes, trying to settle for worse hardware and racking my brains. Answer to the dilemma? It's easiest to just get a job.
  2. lol In addition to mentioning your favoirte skins it might be useful to provide a link for others like SS and Ash did. HmmXP: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5514034/ Chaninja: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2017230/ Royalmod: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/8521744/ Luna Element: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/29511577/ All you people suggesting milk, brushed, etc don't get me wrong. I love mac themese as well but the OP said: A-Groove and Area-04 can be found here: http://www.4impressions.net/v3/html/index.html
  3. Its awesome, looks awesome, plays awesome, great for everything, and costs too much money for me to afford.
  4. Why the age limit? I'm sure there are many people under the age of 16 who can type better then most adults. People will just lie about their age if it means they can get the job. Now all you have is a dishonest newsposter. Age shouldn't be the criteria, you should evaluate their writing style, and whether they can commit to the job or not. Look at me, no one knows my age because I choose not to divulge it; for fear of this happening. And yet if you look over this post it might not seem as though I am below the age of 16. Its the common stereotype of a young, immature child that gives you th
  5. Ack, all this install stuff is making my head swell. I just read through 11 pages of text, and on practically every page theres a new zip, or a new skin, some new dll, gaaaaaaaaa. Can anyone just zip up their miranda folder and post it for download?
  6. amen BTW, PC cases don't have to be ugly: http://www.buildyourown.org.uk/forums/topi...p?TOPIC_ID=3573
  7. i liked the older bluer site design, this one seems more jaggy, and i don't like the, not so much the dark idea of colors, but the ones you picked, they make reading kind of hard.
  8. thats a retorical question right? Didn't give us much of chance to answer, answer is yes, as long as its your own work. Unless Sascha somehow patented the idea of making a silvery smooth icon based on the G5. Back on track, nice icons, don't feel like looking through them now. Back to playing WoW.
  9. Dude, WTF, most people i know make the skins from like 5 screenshots. Go piss yourself, even you *could* do that if you tried, for free. Wouldn't cost you a penny. And then, even if they do have a mac or pearpc, you get angry at them for not releasing a port? Its their work, and their system.
  10. You'd have to manually edit the theme yourself, /me never figured out how to do that.
  11. facist, are you sure he overclocked it? maybe he just got a dual cpu mobo and got another processor? BTW: notice whose country was the first to overclock the mac mini. Eh? Go go polish power.
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