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  1. zorda75, thanks for the comments. Unfortunately there isn't a way to change the icons, or their size. I'll take a look and add it to the feature list as a possible feature. As for the problem with styler toolbar, unfortunately, that seems to be a shortcoming with the method I'm using to get the screenshots. I don't think there is much I can do about that, but I will look into it.
  2. lid, you're not stupid, sorry, I just checked and found that the link was slightly wrong. I have corrected it. It should take you to the miniMIZE download folder, then select version 1.0.37.
  3. Millennium, thanks dreadnaut, umm, yes, that is a bug, thanks I'll sort that out
  4. I have the pleasure of announcing that the build 1.0.37 of miniMIZE (3rd public beta) has just been released. The new features include: Ability to change start position of thumbnail placement Ability to change direction of thumbnail placement miniMIZE now cleans up after crashed applications Changing the default window level no longer affects current thumbnails Access to miniMIZE help from the context menu Fixed window level from being lost on restore and re-minimize of a window A number of fixes for strangeness that appeared when Explorer crashes Also, I think I have fixed the bug that made
  5. nightcrawler1089, unfortunately I'm still looking into how to deal with that. Unfortunately Windows isn't consistent with its messages when you use the Win+M or Win+D hotkeys. In an attempt to work around that, I have added the "miniMIZE All" hotkey into miniMIZE that effective acts like Win+M while correctly miniMIZEing all windows.
  6. firecracker6, thanks for that info, that should help me track things down, so I'll start looking into that. As for changing where the thumbnails start, that will be out in the next release. farhan, yes, right clicking a thumbnail does bring up the Window menu, the problem is that for some reason if you bring it up once for a particular thumbnail and then exit miniMIZE, the menu for that application will not appear again until you restart the particular application. I have done extensive testing on that and unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about it. Effectively, if you are using w
  7. firecracker6, hmm, that's an odd one too because I can't seem to reproduce this. Which version of TopDesk are you using? (I am assuming that the expose clone you spoke of is TopDesk) Also, which application do you start first? Is it maybe occuring after you do something in one or the other application?
  8. Yeah, that really is weird. One thing you can try is: when miniMIZE isn't working exit miniMIZE. Restore all your windows (so like click on all the buttons on the taskbar once). Then start miniMIZE again and see if that works.
  9. Hmm, that is really weird. Can you check one thing for me. Close miniMIZE. Then in the Registry if you go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareminiMIZESettings create a DWORD in that key called Debug, and set its value to 1. Then start miniMIZE, when you do, a debug window will open and display some debug information. You should get at least: miniMIZE Debug Console Installing miniMIZE Hook miniMIZE installed sucessfully
  10. ToNer, does it not work at all, or just not the setting that you are showing in the screenshot. Thing is that that setting is for systems with multiple monitors. Is the notification icon blue or grey?
  11. Thanks for the compliments guys. Ghostwalker, I have tested it and everything seems to work fine with RKLauncher.
  12. I have the pleasure of announcing that the second public beta (build 1.0.34) of miniMIZE has just been released. The new features include: Exclusion list Ability to hide taskbar buttons Single click restore of thumbnails Hide notification icon Custom drawn shadows Default thumbnail window levels Hotkeys Help files For more information on miniMIZE go to the project page and you can download it from the miniMIZE download section. Please post all comments and bug reports. Thanks. Enjoy.
  13. nightcrawler1089 - yeah, the issues with win+D and win+M is similar and I am looking into it. chun - captions below the thumbnails should be fine, and I'll add them to the feature list. As for choosing icons, I do have some ideas for that but will only come later. mmanson132 - I don't use itunes, but I have seen similar issues with skype. I'm also not too sure why that happens, and I am looking into it. As you say, an exclusion list is definately needed and is on the feature list. Nicesnake - The effect you are seeing with photoshop is because of a fix that I have had to include for a
  14. Thanks for the response guys. I really appreciate the compliments Sorry for the late reply, but I have had a busy weekend mixed with some internet troubles. Ok, now to answer some of the questions, and thanks a stack to kez for helping out with some answers before I was able to get back here. firecracker6 - I will add the minimize to desktop animation to the feature list, it's inclusion will just depend on complexity manjusura - It is possible that TopDesk is interfering, I am not sure tho, because if it works for one window, it should work for all. Can you try exiting TopDesk and
  15. Ok, so I am fairly happy with the stability of miniMIZE and have decided to offer a public beta, mainly because there was a fair amount of interest in miniMIZE, but also to try and get more people to help find any outstanding issues as well as to get some more ideas for the direction miniMIZE should be taking. It shouldn't blow up your pc or cause you to loose data, but there are one or two small bugs still present. You have been warned and all other disclaimers etc apply. You can get it here The official forum for miniMIZE is here And there is an irc channel on freenode setup - #minimize
  16. well, transparency is already in. Thumbnails remember their position, so you would only have to drag them once until you log out, reboot or close the window. There are plans for smart positioning, which will provide a lot more options, but I want to get an initial version out so that people can fiddle and help to build up a complete feature list. So basically, feature 1 is in, feature 2 is on the list.
  17. photoshop, you can check here for some screenshots of miniMIZE http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=28003 [email protected], are you asking me? I'm not sure what you mean, but miniMIZE only works with main application windows, so it doesn't affect widget windows or widget applications.
  18. photoshop, I am the developer of miniMIZE, which is a clone of the MINt application that was started and discontinued by Andrew Powell. It effectively places thumbnails of your windows on your desktop when you minimize them. I haven't officially released it yet, but the release should be happening in the next few days. I have just completed the install and it is being tested by my beta test team.
  19. Ok, I have been chatting to some friends, and it looks like the name will be miniMIZE. Like? Dislike?
  20. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I was also just thinking, how about TaskClip. Comments?
  21. I was a bit bummed when Andrew announced that he couldn't continue with MINt, so I decided to see if I could write a clone. It is currently in beta testing and I am expecting to release a public beta early next week. It still has one or two issues and I am busy adding the settings dialog to the application. One thing that I was hoping for was a suggestion for a name. It's development name is Deskcon, but I wasn't sure if that was appropriate for a release name. So anyone got any ideas? For more info on MINt, see http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=24308 Note: In the attac
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