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  1. oh oops i guess i should have specified that i was looking for the medical related icons, but thanks anyway
  2. latest nightly build (build 275) was released 8/14/06 but other than that i don't know, i sure hope it is still being developed
  3. i agree, House IS great. thanks for the wallpaper link, could anyone point towards where i can find the icons used in the screenshot? thanks in advance
  4. awesome thanks, i've been spending a lot of time in Reason 3 lately, so these icons will get some good use
  5. wow very nice! i also like the smooth ones best, thanks for sharing these!
  6. i'm really digging those colours
  7. i can see it just fine http://www.deviantart.com/view/30807547/ is the link, just in case
  8. looks great i'll put it to use right away
  9. WinampCC will work with iTunes if you have MPLUGIN installed and the option "Make Programs Recognize iTunes as Winamp" on.
  10. wow looks really great, thanks
  11. you've got great creativity + talent thanks for these great icons
  12. looks great, i'll use it thanks
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