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  1. You see, on my 2nd PC, I have SP3, and I used REPLACER so I could get the cracked uxtheme.dll (somehwere in these forums) I replaced the ORIGINAL .dll with the cracked one, then REBOOTED, and then installing FlyaKiteOSX, and REBOOTED. And my 2nd PC, is working fine and looks like a MAC. So it can work with SP3
  2. Hey, I just installed FLyaKite, wanting to make my PC look like a MAC, well I had a SP3 on my XP, and I followed the rules and downloaded the cracked uxtheme.dll and replaced it in the system32 folder. So my ORIGINAL uxtheme is now a .bak file and the crakced is the right .dll file. Well, I restarted my PC after installing FlyaKite, thinking my PC would look like a Mac OS, but it did not, so I decided to uninstall FlyaKiteOSX, and go back to my XP...and that is where the problem started. My first restart AFTER I installed FlyaKIte and had to restart so it would finish, the boot screen was th
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