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  1. Well I have a few problems: It crashes sometimes when Im trying to login into something (like writing my password and it crashes Crashes when I try to access my Bookmarks It doesn't remember that I loged in forever in some forums and websites. English Vista x86
  2. Glass... Glass... GLASS EFFECT. Hurray! A acctually requested feature and Stardock implemented it. I bet its gona be intensive and eat alot of resources :/
  3. Priceless, amazing how this theme made me jump from a FULL CUSTOMIZED COMPUTER (Mac look) to Windows XP defeault so I could just apply this theme and tadah. Just need a good set of icons to go with this. Stenfka, I draw my hat to you. Wonderfull job! (I know I'm late )
  4. I have a question... OSX for Intel platforms... But would it work if I have a AMD 64? I have a good PC I think...
  5. It happens with all skins from what Ive checked. Oh by the way. I use FlykytesSP2 system files.
  6. 404 Error. But then again, I believe the Konfabulator.exe included was outdated.
  7. I believe this is somehow Font related...
  8. Unninstalled and Installed again... didn't work...
  9. Okay pals, first of all, I'm back. But I come with this little problem: Here's the link to the image Now, Im quite curious how to fix this, because I cant see half of the things. And I can't even add things on "Per Application" because I cant see the dammed buttons. I remember there was a sollution to this, but I cant recall wich. Thanks EDIT: Sorry about that ~_~ __________________________________ Next time i`ll just delete the image __________________________________ /Post edited Unbeliever
  10. Heavy? http://img62.exs.cx/img62/9944/alienwaredesk9bd.jpg Certenatly not heavy , however the preview makes it look heavy, I mean, lots of windows opened.
  11. Quoted for truth. All this needs is a complete Icon Package (yes because some icons are replaced) and some Firefox/MSN/Other program skins.
  12. I believe you guys have already seen this: http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?...ID=4942&LibID=1 The new Darkstar theme, man and its amazing, I switched in 2 seconds from the Mac Style to this! How many of you have already tried this? This theme is great, but its missing a few things such has more icons for certain file extensions and some App Skins (Firefox) You guys should take a look at this one (I hope this isnt a repost )
  13. I'm playing Conquer Online, based on Chinise mithology, we have been celebrating the Chinise new year for the past 3 days
  14. I was a Beta Tester of the SP1 version and I must say it was the best Transformation pack. Ive been waiting for the SP2 version.
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