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  1. It does minimized to the dock i think you need to right click to choose individual windows.
  2. ^ Where did you get that theme? I always wondered it for a year.
  3. Thanks that would be very appreciated, since it shows background running apps for me and can clutter up the dock.
  4. Names Malcolm, I have been doing graphics for 3 years. I use Photoshop, Realflow,3dsmax,and Illustrator. As of how I don't make tags anymore but LP's, there just much more you can do with the size. You can check on my stuff on dieventart or KHinsider(most if not all of my stuff is posted there). My username is Kazu52,and just Kazuma.
  5. pfffftt Rk launcher is pretty outdated in features and physique. It's buggy too, on my 64bit visa. XWD2.03 or the new Objectbar if your willing to put with crashes and bugs.
  6. Nice I need to get W7 and get this sexy theme.
  7. Get revo uninstaller and uninstall XWD and reinstall it and download the XWD backupmanger.
  8. I love the new stack containers(makes file surfing much faster for me), the only negative thing I have to say is there should be a blackout list to what new apps are running. Great software man.
  9. Thats not the new version, the new version is 2.0.3 which he's currently working on and not released yet.
  10. Bobah, I want to thank you for making the best dock on the net even better. Thank you so much for this. I find myself wanting to dump OD and get XWD back which I'm going to do now. OB 2.0 is just to buggy on 64bit system. I just miss how clean XWD is. Is there a way for the dock to show running applications? Or does it do that already.
  11. ^ How did you get your finder to display firefox's menus?
  12. I tried it, its pretty damn good its up there in the league with XWD.It has a lot of those useful leopard dock features. If only it had a godlike stacks like in XWD.
  13. I'll look for it on computer Edit lol found it! My link
  14. I used findexer, and a classic status bar modification.
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