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  1. Does anyone actually care? All he was doing was constantly ripping other peoples stuff (poorly) and trying to pass it off as his own.
  2. lol, just use styler to change the fonts over to Lucida Grande then. (like i did)
  3. Thank god. An authorised port. Nice work there and cheers Bz for putting your stamp of approval on it
  4. lol beat me to it. ah well.
  5. Yikes. I hope so, otherwise, well..
  6. First of all. I really like jessica. nice picture, but the eyes.. a bit too surreal for me. (is that how it was in the original?) Now the critique. The frame and Light looks (to me anyway) really flat, plus the busy web of lines don't help the situation. Just a suggestion, but maybe start off simple then work it up gradually, perhaps make it like a *real* wall, then enabling you to make the important elements stand out more. Nice start though. keep it up and don't let the critics get you down, just take what you want from it.
  7. [offtopic] Vague pinched and bas*ardized my "Get a Mac" image! xD ..and now, back to lurking.
  8. Might be an idea to direct your query over to the nice folks at unsanity.
  9. I want a version where he throws the machine into the air and it then lands on his head, ultimately killing him, but cushioning the fall of the mac.
  10. AndreasV: Google is your Friend.
  11. Why don't you ask these questions on the "OSX-E forums instead?" :-/ Check your firewall too.
  12. You may want to look in System Preferences, to the Classic Pane to look over your options there, to see why it won't delete, and that you have the right privileges to do so.
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