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  1. I don't think it exists anywhere... the iCal alarm clock is in a quicktime movie form only. You could also ask Apple, of course! :-)
  2. I also need plenty of screen space for work (web design and multimedia applications), but it's hard to find a laptop with adequate screen resolution. Especially now that MacBook (Pro or not) have widescreen displays, they tend to be a little "short". Personally, I would only be satisfied with the screen resolution of the most expensive 17" MacBook Pro (1920x1200 pixels), but my budget only allowed for a white MacBook (1280x800). Working on certain applications is just bearable sometimes but, plugging in a second monitor is a great productivity boost. It reduces the need to frequently zoom
  3. TV (appleTV) has been the black sheep of "i"-products until now, but it could also pave the way for a new era. Phone (applePhone) Pod (applePod) Life (appleLife) Work (appleWork) ... (BTW, I guess the "" symbol is only displayed on Macs, right?)
  4. Boot from a Linux live CD, to check if it's a Windows problem. If it is, then it might be a driver problem.
  5. Address Book can dial, send sms and display incoming calls of your bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.
  6. Hello! I've searched all over the world in order to find Rock Star, from Freshly Squeezed Software. Their site is down for quite some time, and I couldn't even download a trial from other software sites. I'd be greatful if anyone here in AquaSoft has a RockStar copy to share. Thanks a lot in advance, Ken
  7. Hello! I've been wanting to join the Mac community since the days of OS 8, and today I managed to get me an Apple. MacBook, 2.16 Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 120GB HD and the rest... I now have to wipe that silly smile off my face
  8. Hello! I'm looking for some kind of software that changes bitrate and sample rate for mp3s. I've only come up with Switch, which can only change the bitrate, but I really nead to be able to change sample rate as well. Have you got any suggestions? (Free and simple would be perfect) Thanks a lot in advance Ken
  9. PortableFreeware.com is a great source of nice little (and not so little) apps. I guess that's where you took it from ;-)
  10. Did you notice the public PC icon? It's got a BSOD!
  11. It's easy to use a printer that is connected to the remote computer, as iGo said. If you are at home though, controlling your work computer, and you want to print to your home printer, you will have to transfer the file to your home computer in order to print it.
  12. Ken


    I made a few changes and also added a menu at the end (no content yet). Returning visitors will not have to wait so long.
  13. I guess I'm one of the members who "grew up"; work doesn't leave me enough time for AquaSoft and other projects, but I still visit AquaSoft and what I think is missing is a map. There is a treasure of information in here for modders, skinners and other races, but it has to be retrieved through forums. This is discouraging for both old and new users, and its side effect is repeating threads with answers like "use the search!" (I rarely use the search, I'd rather browse through threads).
  14. Thank you nightcrawler for saving the day. And feel free to rip this set to pieces. All I did is to create these icons based on the iCal icon, nothing special. Have a nice day! Ken(X)
  15. You can check your settings at: Tools - Account Settings - (your account name) - Disk Space ... My current settings are: "Don't delete any messages" and "Always delete read messages" is unchecked. You can try these and see if it's fixed. Good luck!
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