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  1. Err... sorry... misread the part about programs and list just a random program that is really useful lol.
  2. If somebody could post this it would be awesome, I'm looking, basically, for an image file with a screenshot of a MAC OS. I want to take the picture and copy the entire top system bar (the one that has FILE...) and just drop it onto my MAC Wallpapers. If anybody could/would do this it would be much appreciated, or if anyone just has a good source for an actual working bar for Windows 7 that would be just as good. Thanks in advance! -By the way, I know this is kind of a ridiculous request but I'm on deployment and internet won't let me pull up google image search.
  3. I did this today... when you do that it shows up in a few hidden folders under your username under docs and settings.
  4. RocketDock - It can be customized for a great MAC OS theme... you can change the icons, make it auto hide, and put anything (as far as I know) in it.
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