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  1. You guys realize he is NEVER going to resurrect this? He said that over a year ago look at the date. It's dead. Good launcher too. I can't even get it to work anymore though.
  2. I really appreciate this application. I hope you do start to continue work on it again. I have a few suggestions which may make this application more outstanding than it is. I really don't use it as my Taskbar. But I use multiples of this app as my shortcuts/Quick-Launching on my desktop. Gives me a lot more room to use my desktop as a Working Directory so to speak. --A feature to add a short-cut key to be held to trigger the margin hotspot. For Example, I hold ctrl and move my mouse over the margin hotspot, it should bring the dock bar into focus if auto-hiding; But won't trigger otherwise.
  3. Add more separators...Just put one in between each icon. You can add as many separators you want. Put in Itemlist.conf: [RKDockItem] type = separator show = normal
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