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  1. Ha! Never mind. I just figured it out. I simply lowered the slide for "font background color and transparency" from 39% to 6%. In my case that looks good. But I also raised the font size to 20 because the default value was making it too small on this display. There's another anomaly I noticed though. It happened yesterday 2nd day after installing it on the OD2, but I thought it was a fluke. But today it happened again. When the dock first starts I guess the docklet automatically checks mail, because if I right-click it, it shows the correct number of messages waiting, but the number on the re
  2. I have the exact same problem, and this did not fix it.. I tried to look for any settings in the OD2 itself, but nothing really grabbed my attention as relating to this. I'm still using your version "h" though. It's not just lame maroon, but even the number is dark grey, which makes it very hard to read. It's like a shadow placed on top of the message indicator icon. I got the same version running on another PC in OD1.9 and this is not a problem there.
  3. My problem with POP3 with checkmail version 'h' is fixed Thank you VERY MUCH!
  4. I just found your CheckMail docklet for ObjectDock, and I wanted to thank you very much for developing this. However, I have a problem with it. I'm using Win7 Ultimate x64 with the latest ObjectDock and your version of docklet from 3/10/09. I've configured it for 2 accounts. The first one, which is a public hosted service works perfectly fine. But the second one which belongs to my own domain hosted by a company called Infinology has a problem. No matter how I try to configure it, it says that it's unable to log in and when I test in the configuration it says that the account settings
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