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  1. I guess this is another bug.. When I 'Enabled mp3 Embedded Cover' options, XDC will export the embedded cover to the folder that I've set (G:\My Mp3's\#xdesk cover). But sometimes the exported cover is somehow corrupted. The cover embedded in the mp3 is not corrupt, just the one that XDC export.
  2. I'm using Winamp. When I'm using Winamp 5.572 : - When mouse over at XDC icon, can view Japanese tags, but not on XDC skin When I'm using WMPlayer 12 : - When mouse over at XDC icon, cannot view Japanese tags, same as XDC skin - Not show embedded cover or folder.jpg or cover.jpg - Update : After re-check... XDC shows embedded cover or folder.jpg or cover.jpg for certain mp3, but some of them XDC won't show. I'm using Windows7 x64, regional settings set to Japanese.. There's also another user from another forum that having problems viewing Unicode tags..
  3. xwidget, thanks for replying my email. It doesn't work for me. my XDC always use only ID3v1. If I remove all ID3v1, XDC doesn't view v2 tag at all. See here : Does XDC support Japanese and Korean tag?
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