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  1. You can still download the flipclock for windows at 9031.com http://www.9031.com/downloads/screensavers.html As far as I can tell it works fine on win7 I have been using polarclock on my desktop for sometime but the flipclock would be a great screen saver for my netbook. I didn't even think about searching for a flipclock screensaver till I found your req..
  2. You can try Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, or Ulead/Corel Video Studio.. I am not sure if they got the effects you are looking for but you can give those a shot.. there should be a demo/trial version of each one Sony Vegas $600 Adobe Premiere Elements $80-$100 Adobe Premiere $800 Corel Video Studio $60-$100 There may be some free programs around.. but the only ones I can think of ones to convert or resize video.. Also you can get a lite version of video studio if you get some kinda of video capture device.. I got one with my EasyCap 2.0 and that only cost me $20 but it took a while to arrive.
  3. Adding some random image as the cover art to the dvd I was trying to delete worked. Thanks for the work around
  4. well here is an temporary unofficial mirror download i downloaded it on July 20, 2008
  5. I am also getting an error trying to delete movies off the list. it just says "An error has occurred while deleting Chicken Run from the database." at the bottom. I also can't grab the video cover for that movie and a few others either even if i search interent for box art. I have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Express Edition 9.2.304.2.00) installed. I am using winxp with sp3. And the user account is set to administrator. note all the movies were entered using browse online> dvd empire also i am getting an error when it checks for updates. The remote server returned an error (404) Not Fou
  6. well since this thread got a second life.. just thought I would pass on the news that 3rvx 2.0 is out... it does require .net 3.5 which might be causing your error http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en
  7. Im using Objectdock and Im having issues where the stacks docklet wont close until I click on the icon again or I click on the desktop.. If I click on another icon the stacks docklet wont close until the program opens. Since I use the flyout menu in OD the flyout menu ends up going over my stacks menu if I miss click the stacks docklet then click the flyout menu I have them both on my screen.. Im not sure if this is what its suppose to do or not.. If it is would it be possible to add an option to be able to change this behavior??
  8. ya i saw the update for the fw... it will prob be another month or so till i am able to get the phone so im not too worried about it video ringtones is just video instead of pic and ringtone. there was an option for it on my nokia 6126.. there is also software for the symbian series smartphones that allow you to do this as well.
  9. Well Im in the market for a new cellphone as the title suggests. I am looking into getting an iphone, as they don't have any here yet(suppose to be available in jan or feb of 08) I just can't ask someone hey can I check out your iphone. So I am looking for some feedback on it. I am currently debating on the iphone or the Nokia n80 at the moment. Is the iphone a good phone?? (good sound quality, good reception etc) Is the UI simple to use? Can the UI be customized(able to move icons to better suit needs)? How customizable is the phone? (Different rings for different callers, video ringtones)
  10. This is pretty good news... But now I really don't know what phone im going to be getting. Although I prob wouldn't of mind spending 99 if they unlocked the phone for me or if its some type of hardware.. but not for some software and which i would have to unlock it myself..
  11. oh man this is great. much easier then trying to input everything myself..
  12. man im glad the sim is swapable. now the phone just needs to get unlocked...
  13. Sadly I move to AK so there is no AT&T/Cingular/AT&T and I just ditched my plan from AT&T. So unless you can unlock the iphone I wont be getting one. I personally don't own a nice mp3 player.. so that was my main reason to get the iphone. plus I don't like carrying soo much stuff in my pockets. But since I can already hold 2 gigs worth of stuff on my n6126, and it plays mp3's and video(if i re-encode them to a 3gp format). I could prob wait on the iphone.
  14. now days you can get hosting for under 10 bucks a month. plus to its always nice to have an e-mail thats pointed to your own domain and not to one of the free ones.
  15. running winxp on main comp vista on gf's comp and osx tiger on imac. emulating nothing at the moment
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