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  1. Nice `desk rappo also good choice of music
  2. this hare marks a new chapter in .............. gr8 job!
  3. wooooow "fails to creat sentances" woooooooooooooooooow
  4. un|x cool desk man real nice!!!
  5. juneyong nice desk man really nice!
  6. of topic thanx menk for the coment! personally i am waiting for the new ichat that should be cool
  7. is there any other font or is it only the arial 8 cuase there are 2 blank spaces under the arial which if you cick on them u ll getta eror ! Other Than that Great work!
  8. really nice work not my type but really nice , hope to see some new thems from you (dont get disappointed this community appreciate your work and how much you have contributed to this site) RESPECT
  9. the link is down!!! need to download help?!?!
  10. as a mater of fact i did get the screenshot. from pza i ll try to pm him and ask him he is gonna release it or not thanx aashish13:p
  11. I have seen this cursor in many screenshots but had no luck finding it , any1 know the name of the cursor or where to get it(would be gr8)
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